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( 09.07.2007 18:42 )
Radoslaw Bialek from Poland running gives us an interesting interview with Kristian Thinning Andersen from Denmark, known as Elysium and Wombatmusic, who has just released his new downbeat album called Shameful Silence on Chill Tribe Records...
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( 17.12.2005 09:21 )
PKS has made an interesting interview with Gabriel Masurel aka Blue Planet Corporation about past and future projects...
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( 28.11.2005 07:00 )
Interview by Psychedelic Mustache:
Bringing back the old days: Meet Rob Henry from Children of the Bong...!
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( 24.02.2004 11:44 )
Interview by PKS
Entheogenic shows us the way deeper into their music, emotions, experiences and inspirations...
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( 20.10.2001 19:23 )
The Second Chi A.D. album "Anno Domini"
Andy & Dave (better known as Chi A.D.) gave us an email interview.. Read what they say about music making, live playing and their new releases!
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