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10 Kilo Records

(Hits: 2042)

3D Vision
Psytrance label in France
(Hits: 3679)

A-Wave Records
The label of System 7
(Hits: 1949)

Active Neopsy Recordings

(Hits: 454)

Agitato Records
Israeli trance label that since 98, had no time to rest, by producing titles from GoaPsy trance to Ambient.
(Hits: 1792)

Ajana Records
Ajana Records is a sublabel of Trishula Records dedicated to psychedelic chillout/ambient & melodic progressive trance.
(Hits: 1471)

Alchemy Records
Alchemy Records - Psychedelic Trance London
(Hits: 2026)

Alkaloid Records
This is a new Australian trance label that is going to rock Australia and the world. Its debute CD is intended for release in December 2003. The focus of the label is full on style and will encompass many local and overseas projects.
(Hits: 1614)

Amazon Records
Portuguese pioneer full on Label, run by DJ P_Mac, responsible for full on psy releases with artists such as Silicon Sound, Dark Nebula, Earthling, Parasense and much more.
(Hits: 1576)

Audiobahn Records
Danish trance label...
(Hits: 1460)

Avatar Records
Avatars goal is to bring music to all layers of society and not only to trance and techno listeners. This is the reason why it does not focus on a narrow music direction, but together with that the general concept is electronica.
(Hits: 1840)

Avigmatic Records
Psytrance label in France
(Hits: 919)

BNE has a lot of good israeli artists. They have released a number of good albums, and some good compilations.
(Hits: 2018)

Boom is located in Groeningen, The Netherlands. They release material from up and coming artists. Run by Matt & Remko. Recent released artists : Cosmoon, Quadra and Mind Warped.
(Hits: 2022)

Candyflip Records
Based in Greece...
(Hits: 1681)

Ceiba Records
San Fransisco,USA, based label.
(Hits: 1814)

Chaos Unlimited
Chaos Unlimited run by DJ Mick Chaos, is a webshop / mailorder company which also does some releases.
(Hits: 1526)

Chill Tribe Records
Chill out label based in Oslo, Norway, run by PKS
(Hits: 1191)

Chillcode Records
Ambient/Chill out label in Germany
(Hits: 1193)

Cold Groove Records
Dark and progressive sounds from Canada
(Hits: 1182)

Com.Pact Records
Label in Israel
(Hits: 1514)

Creon Records
Swedish trance label located in Stockholm. Focused on goa, progressive, psy and chill
(Hits: 1310)

Dakini Records
Japanese chill out/psyambient label, releasing music by Toires, Makyo, Padmasana, Jaļa etc..
(Hits: 1476)

Demon Tea Records
Australian label, run by Franny & Co. Like other Australian labels extremely unpredictable in a very good way. Quality psychedelia.
(Hits: 1593)

Digital Psionics
Another Australian label, based in Byron Bay (which is home of a thriving outdoor partyscene). Run by Luke Psywalker & Luna Orbit.
(Hits: 1621)

DIGITAL Structures
Digital Structures is a very young swedish label in the MPDQX label group. Releasing mostly minimal techno influenced sounds. A number of strong swedish releases on this label.
(Hits: 1924)

Disco Valley Records
"Discovalley Records" is the first goa trance/psy trance label from Goa.
(Hits: 1278)

Domo records
site of a new and promising label and distributor from Israel
(Hits: 1489)

A legend in trance, remembered for their Order Odonata compilations and quality releases. This english label is now heading in new directions, and focussing more on progressive trance.
(Hits: 2217)

Dropout Productions
Dropout is located in San Francisco, CA
(Hits: 995)

E-Watt Records
French label, Trance, Trip Hop, Ambient.
(Hits: 1393)

ELF music
Psytrance label based in Japan
(Hits: 1207)

(Hits: 990)

Evil Knivel Records

(Hits: 669)

Label based in Finland, first release back in 1996. Very active in 2000, releasing among others a Texas Faggot album..
(Hits: 1457)

FishBone Records
Official site
(Hits: 870)

Flow Records
Portugese label, quite new on the scene.
(Hits: 1476)

Freakdance Records
Electronic music label in Finland...
(Hits: 1041)

Freetransform Records
From our base in Norway we release various styles of music within the genres of psychedelic trance and ambient.
(Hits: 1214)

Glowing Flame
Glowing Flame Records is based in London
(Hits: 1001)

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