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( 13.08.2006 11:15 )
psykedelisk festival i oslo
psychedelic festival in oslo
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( 16.05.2006 10:28 )
If you have seen the deco on the picture, please get in touch! It was lost at Hausmania, Oslo, Norway when Trold, Hokus Pokus, Kemic-Al and Frode was playing...
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( 23.10.2005 14:02 )
Northern Psylight Records is a new fresh label based in Norway. Here you get some more information...
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( 19.10.2003 19:12 )
After the release party of Trold, the deco-artist Björn was missing one of his newest backdrops. Have you seen it?
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( 16.02.2002 03:25 )
Three locally hosted projects, have not been mentioned too much, but are well worth checking out !
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( 22.10.2001 20:49 )
Well, not yet entirely "there", but we have actually moved the domain to a new dedicated server. This means several things :

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( 24.08.2001 06:09 )
Well, you might have noticed.. A "brief change" in the layout.. Plus most of us are going to Sola Luna 2001 in Greece veery soon now ! :)
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( 03.07.2001 17:52 )
Welcome to, this will tell you about what / who / why ... :)
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