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Gravity Plus Records
The label of The Delta & X-Dream
(Hits: 691)

Green Ant
Young Australian name, with a stable of aussie artists. Providing very nice trance, and also known for their Green Ant parties. Seek their cds out, as they will surprise you positively!
(Hits: 828)

Run by Eyal Yankovic, this Israeli label delivers both full on, and more experimental sounds, but always in style. Some of the finest israeli producers are featured.
(Hits: 1173)

Relatively new label, but these guys have a long running place in the danish scene as partypromoters / djs etc. Some very good releases lately, and home of among others Reefer Decree and Shazzbatt.
(Hits: 1115)

Inpsyde Media
Psytrance label releasing top quality melodic trance...
(Hits: 703)

Insomnia Records
Psytrance label
(Hits: 486)

Interchill Records
Great chill out label based in Canada
(Hits: 640)

Jum Jam records
jum jam records is a Hamburg based label for electronic music and was founded in the year 2000.
(Hits: 510)

Kagdila Records
Psytrance label based in Los Angeles, California...
(Hits: 845)

Karelia Records
Responsible for releases of Shiwa 2000, Lumukanda and more, "strictly UnderGROUND" label from Finland.
(Hits: 834)

Electronic music and MP3 downloads. Trance, Techno, Drum n Bass, Dub, Breaks, House, Psychedelic and Ambient. Alien Mutation, Shamanic Tribes on acid +++
(Hits: 976)

Liquid Sound Design (L.S.D.)
Offshoot of Dragonfly, with a very nice catalogue of music.. Psyambient and freestyle flows.. Very nice site !
(Hits: 830)

Magma records
Very new italian label.
(Hits: 917)

Maia Records
Psytrance label in Mexico
(Hits: 791)

German label, home of DJ BIM. With some super compilations released, Medium groove along with the german / scandinavian funkyness of late. Based in the Sauerland district (Acid land in german;).
(Hits: 817)

Mental Arts Records
German psytrance label
(Hits: 748)

Metatron Production
Psytrance label in Israel
(Hits: 542)

Mighty Fat Records
Chill out label in Israel
(Hits: 539)

Moonflower Records
Psytrance label in Sweden...
(Hits: 648)

Mushy Records

(Hits: 276)

Nano Records
South Africa and UK based psytrance label...
(Hits: 823)

With numerous years experience, the German label Nephilim is still alive and kicking. Having put out quality psychedelia for a long time, they know their stuff. Now under Nova Tekk distribution.
(Hits: 817)

Neurobiotic Records
Neurobiotic is a psytrance label in Italy...
(Hits: 1021)

Organic Records UK
Organic Records was started in 1997 by Chris Organic, DJ and producer in the psy-trance scene since the early days of “Goa trance”.
(Hits: 825)

Oxygen Records
Psytrance label
(Hits: 600)

Parvati Records
New Danish psytrance label.
(Hits: 1044)

Peak Records
Swiss psy trance label
(Hits: 658)

Still going strong, this Israeli Distributor / Label is responsible for a number of classic releases. Home of the legendary Trust In Trance label aswell with their long running compilation series.
(Hits: 917)

Pixan Recordings
Italian based psytrance label
(Hits: 406)

Planet Noise
Download and stream music on Planet Noise! Planet Noise is a record label and a virtual artist's pool
(Hits: 637)

Process Records
Releasing techno influenced psytrance, like Nervasystem and Process.
(Hits: 596)

Psy Harmonics
The first Australian label on the scene. Their history includes a number of wicked aussietrance releases.
(Hits: 899)

Psychedelic Records
New Trance label in Los Angeles California USA releasing music in the styles of Trance, Psy-Trance, House, Goa.
(Hits: 607)

Psyshine Records
Ukrainian psytrance and chill label.
(Hits: 595)

The _underground_ do it yourself label from Sweden.. Run by the Buddhas and friends ?! The only place to get their releases is directly from them, so check out the website for info..
(Hits: 687)

Shiva Space Technology
German based SST was started by DJ Jörg a long time ago. Early on released tracks by Shiva Shidapu, from where Erez Aizen in Infected Mushroom got experience. Also releases chill music on SST Freestyle.
(Hits: 934)

Solstice Music
Japanese Label. They have released tracks by The Antidote, Etnica, Shpongle etc.
(Hits: 769)

Sonicmotion Records
Psytrance label in France
(Hits: 294)

Soular Records

(Hits: 568)

Spiral Trax, Spiral Trax International, Acid Casualites
Spiral Trax is one of the best known PsyTrance labelgroups the later years. Consistent quality on all their sublabels have made Swedish DJ Anti's labels sought after all over the world. The term "Scandosound" is almost a trademark with these labels, but Spiral Trax international does also release artists from the rest of the world. Highly recommended labels!
(Hits: 957)

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