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Spiritual Beings
Spiritual Beings is a psychedelic trance label and production. Our purpose is to create and spread as much good merit as possible for all sentient beings everywhere.
(Hits: 461)

Spun Records
GMS, trance, Deedrah, Earthling, Zorba, Juvenile, Soundaholix, Wizzy Noise, Cyrus the Virus, Alternate Vision, Bushman, music, electronic
(Hits: 1410)

Synergetic Records
Vienna based label - fresh and funky!!!!
(Hits: 815)

Tempest Recordings
Tempest Recordings: Antipodean mind bending electronic music! Online store & Record label
(Hits: 609)

Third Ear Records
Psytrance label
(Hits: 650)

Timecode Records
Trance Label form Cape Town South Africa.
(Hits: 748)

Reincarnation of the legend TIP Records. Always on the cutting edge of things, always good, never predictable. Fresh presence in psyberspace! The original TIP were responsible for the colours of shiva collection (yellow,orange,blue,phosphorescent,3d) that sparked a huge interest in this kind of music..
(Hits: 1284)

Tranceform Records
Psytrance label based in Finland
(Hits: 708)

UK based Transient has been around for a long time. Home label of Cosmosis, and releasing their well known Transient compilations.
(Hits: 930)

Tribal records
Tribal Record's and the Hill-Top festival Slovakia...
(Hits: 525)

Trishula Records
German psytrance label
(Hits: 763)

Run by and with Simons.. Not releasing a big quantity, but quality. Their albums are all stunners, with Shpongle being an obvious favourite. Twisted indeed! London based label, Dorset Sound Labs provide the edge :)
(Hits: 980)

Ultimae Records
French label releasing chill out, ambient and down tempo music...
(Hits: 621)

Utopia records

(Hits: 674)

Vision Quest
Big festival organizer and psytrance label in Tokyo, Japan...
(Hits: 3295)

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