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( 20.09.2001 15:51 )
Acidance records wrote : "this is acidance records third release, after v.a. compilation drug therapy, and brings to you the debut album of neuromotor "neuro damage".This cd-album contains 9 new tracks, all of them unreleased and exclusive in our label. check it out!!"
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( 18.08.2001 18:42 )
Atomic records are busy with releases, this is what to expect very soon now...
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( 12.08.2001 21:54 )
To celebrate their 100th release, Spirit Zone are releasing a "Best of 100" compilation. Also on the near horizon are some 12"'s..
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( 31.07.2001 23:59 )
Gilles from the French act Toļ Doļ has put up 11 samples of his work on his website..
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( 31.07.2001 01:48 )
After a nice visit from Guiseppe of Parvati Records it is due time to put up the release info for their first release..
Expect a review soon!
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( 26.07.2001 16:19 )
Guiseppe from Parvati Records sent this..
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( 17.07.2001 20:58 )
A bunch of new releases from Spirit Zone..
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( 17.07.2001 20:52 )
Schlabbaduerst third compilation is out!
Well, I have yet to hear any of the two previous releases from this very hard to get underground, mythical label...
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( 09.07.2001 04:21 )
A new series on Hadshot, "hosted". First DJ : Morg (Sweden)...
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( 03.07.2001 15:21 )
German label Medium have a new release from "Native Radio".. It is out now according to their mail...
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( 03.07.2001 14:45 )
A new release on Acidance records! Their first release (Parasense - Parasense) was a kicking album, lets hope this follows up ..
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