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Three locally hosted projects, have not been mentioned too much, but are well worth checking out !

Krumelur is a swedish psychedelic trance project with a genuinely distinctive sound (& colour!). Previously appeared live at a very nice party in Oslo, and is soon to release his first album. Check out his own site including some exclusive snippets from his tracks :)

Trold is a Stavanger, Norway based group. They have been travelling with their sounds, and are currently stirring the ingredients for many mystic potions in their cave. On their site you can also get a taste of their brew, nice pictures from live appearances and more !

Masada is another swedish group, with a distinctive melodic touch to their productions. Their debut album Oceanic was released at the end of 2001 on US label Tsunami productions.

I am sorry for not having brought the focus to these pages before, but it is high time they got a little exposure. Do remember to give them some feedback on their works!


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