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Online electronic magazine about trance techno and house
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Dream Creation
English psychedelic printed magazine, website not very content-rich (yet?!)
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E-dition magazine
Printed international magazine which appears every 2 months. A CD (not a CD-R) with unique and exclusive music comes with every issue.
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Mushroom magazine
worlds no1 magazine for psychedelic trance 10 german issues/year with 60.000 copies (german content) 4 international issues/year with 50.000 copies (english content) online magazine with german and english content
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Peek Magazine online
"Reporting from the cutting edge of the tekno(logical) subculture" is Peek Magazine, an australian print magazine, now with an online presence.
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Global Trance Magazine launched We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Global Trance magazine hosted under We hope this place will give full coverage and will allow easy access to all requested and needed information. This magazine is in consistent development and improvement - lots of new featured are in store. The magazine is part of Ambrosia - the complete information and recreation center for all musicians. If you think of a subject, feature that might be valuable please feel free to update us and we will try to make it a reality. The success of this magazine lies directly on you, your input is value.
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World underground culture guide featuring underground music news, protest news, health, sanity, insanity and more.
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Shangrilala Omline Community & Magazine
An Omline community and Offline Magazine serving the underground scene scince its creationn in the Chillout Room at Mindscapes and Friends at the Drome in London Bridge during 2001. Since then we've gone on to our 5th issue and have massive plans for the furture. We have aslo just installed a completely new web community rather than just a website. Enjoy!
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