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Akasha Festival
Festival near Melbourn, Australia
(Hits: 4359)

Antaris Project
Open-Air Trance Festival in Germany
(Hits: 9308)

Arvika Festivalen
Arvika festivalen is a synth / goth / rock festival, with a separate stage for trance and techno. Has had a good representation of well known psychedelic acts through the years.
(Hits: 5116)

BOOM Festival in Portugal
Boom Festival is in Portugal. A journey into the alternative state of mind and spirit which is part of the collective conscious that surrounds us all. Every second year...
(Hits: 14532)

Burning Man Festival
The Burning Man Project is an annual festival held in the high desert wilderness of northern Nevada. Each year, thousands of artists, performers and free spirits converge for a week-long celebration that culminates in the ritual burning of an enormous human effigy.
(Hits: 4739)

Cachoeira Alta Dance Festival (Brazil)
Cachoeira Alta Dance Festival is a psytrance festival in Brazil...
(Hits: 5061)

Calitas Bay Festival
Psytrance festival in Spain
(Hits: 2807)

Australian trance festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
(Hits: 4062)

Eclipse Festival
Psytrance festival in Canada
(Hits: 1589)

Forgotten Ritual Festival
Psytrance festival in Switzerland
(Hits: 2208)

Freaky Dragon Festival
Psytrance festival in Spain
(Hits: 2484)

Freedom Festival
Psytrance festival in Portugal
(Hits: 5062)

Open air psytrance festival in Germany
(Hits: 6934)

Fusion Festival
Psytrance festival in Germany
(Hits: 2667)

Glade Festival
Open air festival in the UK
(Hits: 4281)

Site for all psy tripers if you need a ride for a party or a festival check Goodtrip┤s site a comunity transport service.
(Hits: 2303)

Greenspirit Festival
3 day newyear psychedelic trance festival in Krabi, Thailand
(Hits: 2809)

Hadra Festival
Psytrance festival in France
(Hits: 2661)

Indian Spirit
Psytrance festival in Germany
(Hits: 1736)

Life Festival
Psytrance festival in Ireland
(Hits: 2006)

Lovefield Festival
Northern Germany near Hamburg.
(Hits: 3973)

Naked Festival
Psytrance festival in Germany
(Hits: 2537)

No Man's Land Festival
Psytrance festival in Hungary
(Hits: 1724)

Ov Silence Festival
Psytrance festival in Germany
(Hits: 1335)

Ozora Festival
Psytrance festival in Hungary
(Hits: 2356)

Pi Festival
Psytrance festival in Germany
(Hits: 1873)

Rainbow Serpent Festival
Festival in Australia
(Hits: 2090)

Rhakti Dei
Psytrance festival in Belgium
(Hits: 1533)

Rhythms Of Peace
Psytrance festival in Morocco
(Hits: 4086)

Roskilde Festival
Big festival in Denmark. All kinds of music, including an electronic music stage, but sadly no psytrance...
(Hits: 2500)

Royal Doof Festival
Psytrance festival in Australia
(Hits: 1912)

Shamanik Festival
Psytrance festival in Portugal
(Hits: 1944)

Sonar Festival
Huge electronic music festival in Barcelona, Spain
(Hits: 2275)

Sonica Electronic Music Festival
Psytrance festival in Italy
(Hits: 4045)

Sonnenklang Festival
Psytrance festival in Austria
(Hits: 1643)

29th March 2006 is the date of the next Total Eclipse of the Sun and this time Turkey which will host a major trance gathering of the tribes to witness a massive 3 minutes and 30 seconds of Totality. The festival site has been secured on the path of Totality at Paradise Canyon, situated on the banks of Beskonak Rriver with plenty of camping place for thousands of travellers. A huge line up DJs and live acts from all over the world are confirmed to keep you dancing for 5 nights and 6 days, a pretty mamouth amount of time on any festival scale. For more info on line up and all other things please visit Soulclipse website...
(Hits: 2467)

Sue˝o Verde Festival
Festival in Finland
(Hits: 1726)

Tranceformation Festival
Psytrance festival in Brazil
(Hits: 1929)

Trancendence/Solar Flares
Festival organiser and psytrance label in Brazil
(Hits: 3411)

Transylvania Calling
Psytrance festival in Romania
(Hits: 1745)

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