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Acidance records wrote : "this is acidance records third release, after v.a. compilation drug therapy, and brings to you the debut album of neuromotor "neuro damage".This cd-album contains 9 new tracks, all of them unreleased and exclusive in our label. check it out!!"


1. wind clouds dance and signs
2. the beauty and the beast
3. funky bisto
4. fuck the dat mafia trance xpress -original version-
5. the brain forest
6. joystyk
7. liquid evolution
8. neuro_dance
9. machine on earth

release date:28 - 9 - 01

We are beginning to see and observe another toxic reaction which affects the central nervous system which is related to PHENYLALANINE LEVELS IN THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. These observations are more vague, however, it stimulates the damaging to the brain and the central nervous system, having the manifestations as PKU NEURO DAMAGE.

be well

the acidudes

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