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( 13.10.2004 09:09 )
Festival review by PKS
Photos by Snille
Here comes a little report from this years Boom Festival in Portugal...
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( 22.07.2004 14:07 )
Festival report and photos by PKS
The 13th Arvika Festival is finished...
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( 19.07.2004 09:13 )
Festival report by PKS
Photos by Snille
We are back from the Full Moon Festival in Germany....
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( 15.09.2003 16:04 )
Festival review by PKS
What a festival experience! The third psytrance festival on Samothraki Island in Greece is over, and here comes the review...
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( 23.08.2003 08:00 )
Review by PK & Benedicte H
Photos by Benedicte H
We are back from Voov Experience in Germany with two reviews of the festival....
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( 15.07.2003 14:24 )
Festival review by PKS
We survived another Arvika Festival. Here is the review...
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( 06.09.2002 09:09 )
We are back with the full review of Samothraki Dance Festival 2002!
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( 22.09.2001 13:00 )
Party review by PKS (in norwegian)
Les hele referatet fra Sola Luna 2001 i Hellas!
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( 26.07.2001 15:34 )
Gideon has written a nice long report from his 34days in Zambia and the Solipse 2001 festival..
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( 20.07.2001 14:38 )
(Festival review by PKS in Norwegian:)
Arvika festivalen feiret i år 10 års jubileum. Også i år var det svært mange gode artister med på programmet. Her er et lite referat fra årets Arvika festival....
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( 12.07.2001 17:27 )
Well.. This was reportedly in a Zimbabwian newspaper. Very funny indeed :-)
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( 15.01.2001 13:00 )
Review by PKS (in norwegian)
Party on a desert island, Lake El Mansour Eddahbi, Ouarzazate December 30th 2000 to January 2nd 2001!
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