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The third compilation is out on Norwegian Chill Tribe Records, featuring tracks by Robert Leiner, Blue Planet Corporation, Kris Kylven & Syb-Sonic, Cosmosis, Digital Mystery Tour, Kiwa, Highpersonic Whomen, Bluetech & Zen Lemonade!

Brain massage! Chill Tribe Records in Norway is back with a third release compiled by PKS, bringing you the cream of talented downbeat/dub/ambient producers from around the world. As usual, Chill Tribe gathers several of the most sought after pioneers in the scene, this time exploring everything from deep ambient, dub to downbeat with psychedelic rock influences. Ten handpicked tracks for your ear pleasure. No random picks or fillers. Something for those who dares to explore the more experimental side of chilled electronic music.

It comes with an eight page booklet, including pictures and info about each artist.
Mastered by Detlef Funder & Tim Schuldt (4 Carry Nuts, Germany)
Release date: 2nd of March 2007

V/A Ear Pleasure (Chill Tribe Records) CTRCD03 (2007)

1. Robert Leiner – Beginning Of The End
2. Blue Planet Corporation – Gengis Khan’s Reverie
3. Kris Kylven & Syb-Sonic – Forgotten Souls
4. Cosmosis – The Himalaya
5. Digital Mystery Tour – Nemo
6. Slot Machine – Quick And The Dead (Snake Thing Dub Remix)
7. Kiwa – Inside
8. Highpersonic Whomen – Free Space
9. Bluetech – Embrace
10. Zen Lemonade – Island Of Forgotten Dreams

Robert Leiner from Sweden is one of the most respected techno artists from the early 90’s, also well known for his ambient album Visions Of The Past. An artist we are very proud of releasing an unreleased ambient masterpiece on Chill Tribe.

Blue Planet Corporation is no newcomer to the scene either. This Chill Tribe resident has gathered several musicians in the studio, and serves an beautiful, experimental track.

Kris Kylven & Syb-Sonic is a pioneer in the Goa trance scene, who has released music as UX, Syb Unity Nettwerk, Element Over Nature, Cyberkrist, Eon Project etc, as well as remixing artists such as Marilyn Manson, Juno Reactor, Einstürzende Neubauten, Killing Joke and many more. Kris Kylven & Syb-Sonic is his ambient/downbeat project, bringing in mystic and dark vibes.

Cosmosis is most famous for his Goa trance releases, but has also included several fantastic chill tracks in his albums in the past. Here he gives us a new downbeat track, exploring the ethnic side of electronic music, as usual with top production, creativity and beautiful soundscapes.

Digital Mystery Tour is a French project, with Stephane Holweck stearing, also known for his involvement in Juno Reactor, Total Eclipse, Brilliant, Electrotete, Mystery Of The Yeti etc. Here he serves a downtempo track with an uplifting touch.

Slot Machine is a group consisting of several well known Australian musicians, such as Sean Candy most known as A.B. Didgeridoo Oblivion and Nick Taylor. Nick is most known for the Prana project and his Snake Thing alias. Here he is challenging the listeners with a Snake Thing dub remix of a punk funk track.

Kiwa is a duo from Finland famous for their quality experimental releases in breaks and progressive trance, always full of creativity and new ideas. Also known for side projects such as Faithealers and Subfocus.

Highpersonic Whomen released an album called Alternative Energysource in 2002, which was highly appreciated by the progressive trance scene. They have also released an excellent downbeat track on the Twisted side label Backroom Beats.

Bluetech also known as Evan Marc has released several remarkable albums on Aleph Zero and Waveform. Here he gives us a new track in his unique, relaxing style.

Zen Lemonade is Gus Till from Australia and Super Cozi from Japan, now based on beautiful Bali. Both has been involved in all kinds of projects for many years, on famous labels such as Flying Rhino and Dragonfly. Here they finishes the compilation with a deep ambient track.

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