Braindamage Promotions Presents "Altered State"

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Party at Hausmania, Oslo, Norway 18 March, with Hokus Pokus, Trold live...

Braindamage Promotions Presents
Altered State

Exclusive "The Dark Journal" album Launch
Kemic Al (Malta)
Butterfly Records

Hokus Pokus (Denmark)
Parvati Records

Trold (Norway)
Glowing Flame Records

Heggmatech (Norway)
Xilium Records

Frode-Alter Egon (Norway)
Braindamage Promotions

Visuals: Glennwiz (Norway)

Decorations : Kenneth Pedersen - Line- Braindamage

Surreal Art Exhibition by Stian Sabel (Norway)

Sound by Turbosound

Det vil bli Servert Chai ,Mat og Frukt ved Baren.

ID: 20 Years
CC: 150 NOK
Hausmania (Nedrehallen) Hausmansgate 34- Oslo- Norway
Time: 21.30-06 - Doors Close @ 03.00
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I forbindelse med at dette er ett release party ,står nå Kemic Al sitt andre album "The Dark Journal" for tur som blir gitt ut på hans eget
label Butterfly Records ..
Uten at jeg skal røpe for mye legger jeg ved ett infoskriv for albumet nedenfor som forhåpentligvis kan kan klare opp litt rundt nysjerrigheten.

After last year's Twisted Parameters CD, Kemic-Al follows up his acclaimed debut with
a brand new project. Having declared his stand with the psy-trance propensity of that album,
his new work, The Dark Journal, expands his creative streak in more than one dimension, taking it to another level of rhythmic dance music. To begin with, this album is a concept album, which is not quite what one would expect of a dance music record - but more of that later! On another level, Kemic-Al has applied himself more intensely than ever to building every sample, sound and rhythm from scratch, give or take the odd vocal snippet. It is a tactic he had got hooked on a while back, but over time he has confidently taken in the process of studio manipulation to the extent of even slipping in some vocal trickery for the sharp trainspotter to dig up on the new record. As he declared quite strongly with Twisted Parameters, Kemic-Al's perspective of trance music doesn't rely on the more mainstream melodic genre. His is a more obscure brand, where the beat dominates the tune, while the trimmings weave in and out of the music to create different moods and vibes. It is from this same perspective that Kemic-Al created The Dark Journal. Inspired by the true story of Vlad The Impaler, whose life was also the inspiration behind the legend of Dracula, Kemic-Al researched his subject quite deeply, picking up elements that punctuated his perception of Vlad's tragic and darkly brutal life story. Bearing all this in mind then, it is hardly surprising that The Dark Journal has a strong cinematic twist to it. With each track running into the next, the continuous thread maintains a steady pace most of the time, while the carefully implemented string arrangements and interludes give the music a more defined portrayal of Vlad's bloodied and tortured existence. It is no secret that Kemic-Al is deeply influenced by film,
and his latest certainly brings out this characteristic to the fore. Enhancing this cinematic perspective, which at times even reveals more than a hint of Gothic influence, is the inclusion of a 6-page booklet outlining the story behind the record, an effort that helps The Dark Journal come even closer than its predecessor to Kemic-Al's pronounced dictum that 'Sound is the art of seeing invisible things'.

For å skape "riktig" stemning i nattens mørke timer kan du gjerne gjøre
det " lille ekstra " ved å komme med huggtenner, kapper ,kostymer eller
Do your own thing:)
Temaet for kvelden er : Vlad Dracula

Vel Møtt :)

***Viktig Info***

Festen skal være ett lukket arrangement men alle som vil være med er velkommen!
For å komme inn må du vise flyer i døren "eller" sende oss en email som inkluderer navn på de som vil være med.

Receivers email:

Your email:

Comment List

Topic: Author:
Frode Mathiassen 20.03.2006 15:58
Thanks to everyone for such an amazing evening!! :)
Ivan Rios 20.03.2006 15:36
Magnus Støren Wedèn 18.03.2006 16:02
Wohohohho! Like før nå, glerder meg som en liten unge :D
Frode Mathiassen 17.03.2006 21:33
22.00-23.30 - Trold
23.30-00.45 - Heggmatech
00.45-02.00 - Hokus Pokus
02.00-04.00 - Kemic Al
04.00-06.00 - Alter Egon
psykisk trancemøte for big family
stig navelsaker 17.03.2006 08:16

----for kunsten må vi evig vike---
boom wack
diosa psysky 16.03.2006 18:33
Hey,,,it looks like it's gonna be an awesome party! Great send off before my trip to Venezuela. Vibes & empanadas from the village of Sulbergelva,yawn yawn...
Bar is Closed
Frode Mathiassen 14.03.2006 15:08
Bring your own Booze

Chai, Fruits and Food will be served
updatet info på siden - > reAd it ;)
Raymond HaTzville 13.03.2006 17:24
PKS 13.03.2006 07:52
Nice to see so many live acts on one paty here in town!
Frode Mathiassen 13.03.2006 14:32
> Nice to see so many live acts on one paty here in town!

Im sorry to inform that "Heggmatech" will not be performing Live afterall this evening because of some problems, but Humbug will be spinning Heggmatech music on decks!
wicked wicked wicked
Aldo Lombradi 12.03.2006 23:20
Realy looking forward to this :-) to meet again so much nice peolpe from this part of the word and close by ;-) few more days and BOOOM

See you soon :)
Endelig et fett party!
Kim O´Tei 05.03.2006 17:14
Fin lineup! Gleder meg ;-)
Swedish promotions
Martin Holm 28.02.2006 10:36
Ive just been promoting this party @ the biggest electronic community in sweden.. Hope to see alot of happieness and warmth from all of the surroundings..

~ love ~
jokke jokke 23.02.2006 23:38
Life aint the same without Brain damage, square is not a wheel
Rune Kristiansen 20.02.2006 18:12
Ja dette kan jo ikke bli bedre.. den line oppen ... gleder meg sinnsykt.. ses der

it's gonna be sweet :)
Raymond HaTzville 17.02.2006 13:40
really looking forward to this one, big up's to braindamage for cooking up some g00d stuff :)
   RE:it's gonna be sweet :)
psymen @ 17.02.2006 18:01
*hoppe og sprette og glede seg* :D :D

> really looking forward to this one, big up's to braindamage
> for cooking up some g00d stuff :)

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