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New album out on Horns & Hoofs in Russia...

Kino Oko is a solo project by Grzegorz Magnuszewski from Poland, most known for being a part of Bigwigs and Tromesa. Here he delivers an album on the russian technotrance label Horns & Hoofs. He also compiled a compilation for this label in 2005. He has always released highly experimental stuff, and thatís what we get here too.

Kino Oko "Lost Entertainment" Horns & Hoofs 2005 (HHCD005)

1. Born Without Soul
2. Metalic Mista
3. Pasyonata
4. Hippie Bones
5. Colors Of Black
6. Pan Prophet
7. Atomic Corner
8. Industry Of Broken Parts
9. Well Done
10. Dead BirdsIn The Sky
11. Man Upon The Rainbow

The music Kino Oko delivers here is pretty hard to classify. Here we get a lot of variation all the way, from experimental down tempo stuff to psychedelic vibes on broken beats to techno influenced trance and melodic parts. We also get some industrial EBM influenced music, such as on track 2 (Metalic Mista). Totally twisted voice samples and sounds makes this album to a pretty psychedelic journey. Itís nice to hear so much creativity on one album, because this is absolutely one of the most creative albums I have heard lately. For some people, several of these tracks might become too weird, but there should be something for many different tastes in this album. My favourite track here is track 10 (Dead Birds In The Sky), which starts like a drifting techno track, and turns into a beautiful, floating hard trance alike track after a few minutes.

This album is absolutely recommended for those of you who are seeking something experimental and different from most music being released these days. Here we get variation, tons of creativity and something quite unique all the way.

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Dominik Zet 26.01.2006 13:59
great alboom !!! nothing more, nothing less. will see :D

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