In R Voice "The Scent Of Russian Dreams"

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Review by PKS
Second album by In R Voice out on Sphere Records in the UK...

In R Voice (Denis Kozlov) is a psytrance artist from Russia. Here he is out with his second album, bringing us into a quite rough, techno influenced soundscape. His first album (Resonance Metaphizix) was released on Optica Records in 2002. He is also known for a chilled ambient project where he calls himself Den Kozlov, which resulted in a double album (Digital Shamanism) last year.

In R Voice “The Scent Of Russian Dreams” Sphere Records 2005 (SPHCD009)

1. Inner Vision Jet
2. In R Reality
3. Frequency
4. Synth Ethics
5. Killahertz
6. Infused With The Spiral
7. Heartbreak Café
8. Atomic Medicine
9. My Mind Exists
10. The Scent Of Russian Dreams

I wasn’t too impressed with the chilled projects by this guy, but this album really got my attention. We are far away from the usual full on stuff most psytrance labels releases these days. Here we get mostly very drifting techno influenced trance. Quite minimal all the way, but with some very trippy vibes anyway. This might be something for those of you who enjoys the sound of Delta, Spirallianz etc. Not as massive and impressive, but not bad at all. I like the way he has managed to combine some nice atmospheric vibes with really rough soundscapes. For sure something I would be happy to hear at a party in the night. Pretty dark all the way, but still with some light in the dark with those floating parts. This is the kind of night time psytrance I like. My favourite track here is track 8 (Atomic Medicine), which goes about as trippy as it can get. Nice to hear those 303 alike sounds in the background, with spooky floating vibes and an intense rhythm drift. For sure one of the better tech trance tracks I have heard lately. The rest is pretty impressive too, going really deep, just the way I like it.

This album really surprised me in a positive way! I didn’t really know what to expect from this album, so it was really nice to discover these drifting tracks for the night! An album that will for sure be with me on the next night time gigs…

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