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Review by PKS
New chill out compilation out on Cosmicleaf in Greece...

Cosmicleaf Records is the relaxed division of Unicorn Music in Greece. Now they are out with the third compilation, as usual compiled by Nick Miamis (Side Liner).

Nova Natura (Cosmicleaf Records) 2005 (CLCD03)

1. Minos – Introitous
2. Terra Nine – Circle Maker
3. Zero Cult – Redreaming
4. Side Liner – Haunted Thoughts (Omni Festival 2005 Live Mix)
5. MLT – Ravine Echoes
6. D. Batistatos – Drift Memories
7. Geo – Mitosis
8. The Omm Squad – Strange Harvest (Side Liner Rmx)
9. Will-O-The-Wisp – Touching Stars
10. Omegahertz – Ionian Seas
11. Cydelix – Anama

As usual, we get mostly quite unknown names here, but most of them have released music on Cosmicleaf or Unicorn before. This compilation is mixed by Nick Miamis himself, originally for a radio show in Greece to promote Greek chill out artists. What we get here is relaxed easy listening from beginning to end. Not of the deepest kind of ambient you find out there, but for sure relaxing and quite organic at times. Something that could fit well at your local cafι or on the beach on a sunny day. My favourite track here is track 7 by Geo, which is a quite fresh artist from Greece who has previously released a track on Loopsnoo Records. Light melodies, chilled beats and floating vibes.

This compilation doesn’t demand much from the listener, so if you are after some easy listening for your relaxed moments, or you are curious about some Greek ambient artists, you might check this out. This is in my opinion the best release from Cosmicleaf Records so far. Personally I prefer a little bit deeper vibes in my chill, but this could fit well in some tired moments anyway.

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