Radical Distortion Vs. Mendark "Purple Energy"

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New album out on Unicorn Music in Greece...

Unicorn Records is a psytrance label based in Greece. Now they are out with an album done by Radical Distortion (John Spanos & Nick Polytaridis) and Mendark (Nick Miamis). They go a melodic direction in psytrance.

Radical Distortion Vs. Mendark ”Purple Energy” (Unicorn Music) 2005 (UMCD007)

1. Radical Distortion – Equilibrium
2. Mendark – 3 On A Teree (Feat. Sunhize)
3. Radical Distortion – Skunk Pack
4. Mendark – It Came Up To The Mind
5. Radical Distortion Vs. Mendark – Purple Energy
6. Radical Distortion – The Halloween Project
7. Mendark – The Only Way
8. Radical Distortion – Inspiration
9. Mendark – Psycho Filler

These guys are an example of several trance artsists who hasn’t left the old melodic goa trance style yet. Here we get melodies and old school goa trance vibes in most of the tracks. Not very modern sound pictures here, but it is actually quite nice to hear some old school vibes again. Some of the tracks are also a mix of old school vibes and modern soundpictures. One of my favourite tracks here is track 2, which is a stumping track with some mystic vibes. Quite dark and mystic. Also track 5 which Mendark and Radical Distortion has made together (which has the album title) is a pretty cool pumping track.

Some of these tracks sounds a bit simple and outdated in my ears, but you also get some nice old school vibes here that will for sure make some of you nostalgic.
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