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Astral Projection has compiled a new compilation for Com.Pact...

Com.Pact Records and Trust In Trance has gathered and releases a compilation together. It is surprisingly compiled by Astral Projection, the Israeli super stars and pioneers in the psytrance scene. They haven’t released much lately, but here it seems like they try some kind of comeback...

Back To Galaxy (Com.Pact Records) 2005 (CPCDIL027)

1. Astral Projection – Open Society
2. Electro Sun – High Cue
3. Bizzare Contact Vs. Ultravoice – Ultrabizzy
4. Space Cat Vs. Onyx – Time Wolers
5. Xerox Vs. Passenger – Science Is God (Ultravoice Rmx)
6. U-Recken – The Other Side (Visual Paradox Edit)
7. Visual Contact – Natural Vibes
8. Ferbie Boys Vs. Bizzare Contact – Superheroes
9. Cosmic Tone – Bit The Moon
10. Wizzy Noise – Tubeless (Lish Rmx)

When you see the track list of this compilation, it seems like it is actually Com.Pact Records who has compiled it and not Astral Projection. At least the track list looks just like a usual Com.Pact compilation... Here we get pure clubby full on from beginning to end. Astral Projection has a new track on here too, but also this dissappointed me compared to older releases by them. Just way too fluffy! The rest is full of cheesy take offs, easy digestible melodies and no new ideas. Just the same Israeli full on we have been served way too much of the last couple of years.

This compilation shows pretty good how bad Astral Projection has become since the old days. I used to really like most of their releases, but here they serve clubby hits for kids! Sad, but true...

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