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Debut album by Insane Creation out on Domo Records...

Insane Creation (Dave Walitza) is a progressive trance artist from Switzerland, who has previously released 12 inches on Plusquam and Traktor Schalllabor, plus many different compilations. Now he is finally out with his debut album on Domo Records.

Insane Creation "Connected" Domo Records 2005 (DOMOCD007)

1. Distorted Dreams
2. Restlessness
3. Filestyle
4. Sweet Random
5. Snüül
6. Cafone
7. Freakuencer
8. Shoobidoo

This album was a very nice, positive surprise for me. With all the repetive full on trance being released these days, it is really nice to get a progressive album like this, which fits nice for homelistening as well as on the dance floor. This guy sure serves some crunchy tracks here. Jumpy, fresh, crispy sounds and beats all the way in every track. Not so melodic, still a lot of variation of sounds and beats. A very pleasant listening experience on a good sound system or in your headphones. Personally, I haven’t heard many tracks by this guy before, so I was very positive surprised. Groovy vibes that will for sure make some good vibes on progressive dancefloors worldwide in the early evening or outdoor in the sun.

This album is the absolute best release from Domo Records so far. I have found some of the Domo releases slightly unchallenging, but this sounds really fresh and crispy! Recommended for those of you who like it progressive.

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Insane Creation "Connected"
Death Posture 28.11.2005 14:15
Progressive Milka trance…

Insane Creation is Czech-born, Swiss-based producer Dave Walitza. He’s releasing his debut album on Israeli proggy label Domo Records, following the very sweet compilation Posse on which Dave also had a track – and a fine track too! Despite Dave’s fair share of released 12-inches and compilation tracks, the aforementioned track is actually the only I’ve heard from him… But that’s about to change with this debut album… Let’s dig deeper!

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Distorted Dreams [136 BPM]
The opening track is a breezy, uplifting progressive stomper… Rich in reverb and instantly funky! It’s all very nice and well-polished, but maybe also a little too androgynous… Despite maybe lacking some ‘bite’, this is still a nice track – and will serve DJs well when they need a quality transition track…

#02: Restlessness [135 BPM]
Restlessness can be a bitch – but this track isn’t bitchy at all… On the contrary, this is a sweet, sweet track… Definitely deeper than the first track – but still absolutely soaked in reverb… Oh yes, this is sexy beach house trance – designed to keep you warm in these cold winter times… Reminds me of sleek Plusquam or Groove Zone stuff… Funky, but again maybe a little too un-climactic for my taste… That’s true for the first half of this track at least, it picks up towards the second half with those sweet melodic leads… Nicey nice!

#03: Filestyle [136 BPM]
“I have taken a voyage. Out of my mind. Into my head. Into myself!” And we dwell even deeper in this track, which also crosses over into more psy-like morning trance… That gives the track some edge, and I’m all about edge – so for me, this is the best track so far… The percussion seem tighter now, and the melodies are arranged differently… The phat reverbs are still in focus, and they are all so nicely done… Would mix perfectly with older FREq tunes… Nice track!

#04: Sweet Random [134 BPM]
More edge enhancement here – as this track drifts away from the most well-polished, lush antics of the first two tracks, and takes on a more tech-trancy coat… Also there are evident links to early 1990ies German techno… Mix that with some smooth progressive trance and a few melodies and you’ve pretty much got this track – which has a sweet, hypnotic sound which I like… Reminds me somewhat of Atmos on his latest album! Not a ground-breaking track, but still pretty tasty!

#05: Snüül [134 BPM]
“I could say that by using psychedelic drugs, I became tuned in on a network of neurological signals and cellular wisdoms that radiate hundreds of millions per second – within my body!” This track stars with something as rare, as a Timothy Leary quote… Well, that’s not rare in psy – but it is in progressive trance… And sure enough, this is one of Dave’s most trancy tunes… Deep progressive morning trance – crossing well over into psy-territory! Those high-pitched stabs half-way through are so cool… Sweet, sweet stuff!

#06: Cafane [133 BPM]
This track was written with fellow Swiss producer Cafu – and together the guys have created a very rigid, percussion-driven tune… Instantly head-bounce friendly, this is among the funkiest tunes here… Simple at first, but eventually more complexity is gained… The digitally created moaning sound horny enough to keep me interested – and despite the somewhat clubby feel, I’m entertained throughout the track… Nice!

#07: Freakuencer [138 BPM]
The pace has quickened, and after the initial minimal intro, this track evolves into a fast-paced morning tune… I like the cut-up voice samples and held-back, tight rhythm-section here… The bassline is also among the best on the album, and the tribal Etnoscope-like drum arrangement in the last half is simply sweet! Another quality track!

#08: Shoobidoo [138 BPM]
On the final track, we get more progressive morning trance packed with rhythm-section experimentation… All kinds of filtered synths, tribal drums and an impressive array of percussion are present in this track – which is among the most edgy on this CD… That being said there’s still something missing here I think… I can’t really put my finger on it, but it seems maybe a little too hollow? Also I’m not too fond of the weird, high-pitched metallic sounds towards the last third of this track… Not a bad track at all, it’s just not as good as some of the previous ones…

Yeah, this is definitely a quality CD – and a fine debut by Insane Creation… This guy spans over a wide array of styles within progressive trance, and he definitely knows his way around a production studio… There are no bad tracks here – but on the other hand, there are no mega-hits either... So, in that sense it’s kinda hard for me to judge this album… It’s all pretty good – without being outstanding! Kinda like the Gaudium album really… With a bit more edge, this album would have been up to par with some of the biggest releases this year…

This will however, appeal to fans of tightly-knit, well-produced progressive trance which crosses over into morning trance… And in that field, this is a winner! Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3(!), 4, 5(!), 6, 7


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