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Review by PKS
First compilation out on Virus Tekk Records in Denmark...

Virus Tekk Records is a brand new psytrance label based in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are not many full on labels in that area, but here they hit us with nine kicking tracks compiled by DJ Rishi, mostly by unknown, new artists.

Shades Of Light (Virus Tekk Records) 2005 (VIRUSCD01)

1. Rishi – Mind And Matter
2. Ganesh Project – Mono Star
3. Intersys – Shades Of Grey
4. Toxical – Freak Out
5. Psynutz – Psy Storm
6. Nasa – A Bit Closer To Heaven
7. A.M.F. – Dwell On Dreams
8. Vipasana Feat. Khepri Duo – Systematic
9. Logarhythm – Virus Infection

Rishi himself starts off the compilation, with an intense, rolling track. I really like the crazy melody he gives us here. Nice opener. Six of the nine tracks are made by new, fresh artists who has their debut release on this compilation. Most of them handels it pretty well. Mostly going a pretty dark direction within full on psytrance, but adding nice melodies that keeps away from getting too cheesy, which is nice. Some of them also explore the darkpsy style a little bit. My favourite track by the newcomers here, is the track by Psynutz, which has some really cool sounds and a rolling darkpsy vibe. Shades Of Light is probably a good expression for this track. Three of the tracks are made by some artists who has had several releases on various compilations lately, such as Nasa, who delivers my favourite track on this compilation. A track with great opening of break beats and melodic vibes, before we get thrown into a massive drift of melody and pumping beats. Nice one for the morning.

Despite mostly new, fresh artists on this compilation, this compilation isn’t bad. So, if you are after quite dark psytrance with some shades of light, you might check this out.

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Jonas Tingmose 02.02.2006 07:41
Thanks for the great review. I'm a part of A.M.F, one of the newcomers on the compilation.
Hope our tracks keep you jumping throughout the nights.

Sincerely, Ultroman

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