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Review by PKS
New compilation out on Interchill Records

Interchill Records in Canada keeps pushing out high quality chill out music, with one masterpiece after the other. They usually have a lot of unknown names on their compilations, mixed with some big stars, and they sure knows how to pick out the right tracks for their chilled journeys. Here they are out with another compilation, compiled by Andrew Ross Collins and Nick Edell.

Dissolving Clouds (Interchill Records) 2005 (ICHILLCD020)

1. Eat Static – UFO Over Trenchtown
2. Gaudi vs. Tripswitch – Subdown
3. Kaya Project – Raag To Ragga
4. Alex Theory – Voodoo Dub
5. Liquid Stranger – Liquid Stranger On The Run
6. Legion Of Green Men – Blowbaq
7. Eiji – Digimunk
8. Peyote Sound System – Aqua Dub
9. Mauxuam – Ulezak
10. erik The Viking Vs. Odo – It’s Not Buddha
11. Lunchbox – Jellyfish Roll

As usual we get a very interesting track list here, this time starting with a pioneer in the electronic music scene, Eat Static. Here with a really funny, but cool and relaxed dub track. Spaced out as usual from Eat Static. We also get some interesting collaborations here, such as Gaudi and Tripswitch. They give us a deep track, with chilling echoing effects, deep bass and mystical vibes. Nice one. Kaya Project who has released two albums on Interchill, gives us a taste of his latest album Elixir. One of the best tracks from the album in my opinion. We also get some new, fresh artists to the Interchill family, such as Alex Theory who brings us right to India with Indian vocals and tabla rhythms. My favourite track on this compilation, including a vocal you will sure notice and remember long after. Nice and different. Eiji is another fresh name who gives us an experimental track with organic vibes. Liquid Stranger is a side project of one half of the trance duo Necton, here with some sort of happy dub track. Legion Of Green Men has been around for a long time allready, giving us a jazzy drum ’n’ bass track. We get quite a lot of variation through the compilation, each artist with their own way of chilling us out.

As usual, Interchill give us a nice selection of carefully chosen tracks from new and established artists. I enjoyed the variation we get in this compilation, mostly going a dubby direction, but each artist with their different way of doing it, from experimental electronic sound to ethnic, organic chill.
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