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Psymag gives us a taste of ten different full on labels...

Psymag is an online site in Israel that focuses on the psytrance scene, with interviews of artists, labels etc, promotion of new releases, reviews etc. Now they out with their first compilation, which focus on ten different full on labels; TIP.World, Sonic Dragon, Maia, Com.Pact, Mind Control, Alchemy, Trancelucent, Phantasm, BNE and Turbo Trance Records. A nice way for the labels to promote their style of music.

Psychlopedia Term: Full On (Psymag) 2005 (PSYMG-001)

1. Man With No Name Critical Mass
2. Mr. Peculiar Crystal Energy
3. D-Tek Vs. Earthling Cyber Ego
4. Sesto Sento Primi TB (Aquatica Rmx)
5. Talamasca Vs. Polaris Fantastic Plausibility
6. Rinkadink Vs. DJ Spencer Spektral Monkey (Broken Toy Rmx)
7. The Misted Muppet Snarling Zraw
8. Dynamo Moment Of Truth
9. Oforia Northern Lights
10. Triptych Here I Am

With this CD, you also get a fat booklet where you can read about all the labels. Nice and informative way of doing it. All the tracks we get here are allready released on the labels, and you can see the cover arts of the releases in the booklet. This CD gives a very good overview of how the labels sounds, and can probably be used as a nice tool for people who are not familiar with the different labels to learn a little about what sound they are operating with. My favourite track here is without doubt Mr Peculiar, who gives us a taste of his last album Mind-Dala on Sonic Dragon Records. In my opinion, the best full on album released 2005. The Man With No Name track is also nice, but doesn't sound like most other releases on TIP.World these days. The rest of tracks here are by well known artists from the different labels.

Psymag has collected a nice selection of tracks here, that represent the different labels in a good way. Nice and interesting concept I haven't seen before!

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