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Second album by Kaya Project out on Interchill Records...

Kaya Project is a chilled project by Sebastian Taylor, also known as Shakta, Somaton, Digitalis and Angel Tears. In this project he focus on loungy electronic chill, mixed with tribal and ethnic influences from various live musicians and singers. Here he is out with the second Kaya Project on Canadian Interchill Records.

Kaya Project "Elixir" Interchill Records 2005 (ICHILLCD021)

1. From Mumbai
2. Good Morning London
3. Ghasi Ram Blues
4. 65 Percent
5. Dark Tabla
6. Salaam (Remix for Irina Mikhailova)
7. Raag To Ragga
8. Elixir (Feat. Omar Faruk Tekbilek)
9. Harem Bizzare
10. One God Dub
11. The Flow
12. Pachamama

For those of you who are familiar to the Angel Tears project Seb does together with Momi Ochion, you might know how this sounds. Angel Tears has released four albums of loungy chill, suitable for cafés etc, but also some really nice tracks for the chill out areas. On this album we get twelve very organic sounding tracks. He is really good at combining live instruments with electronic sounds and beats. We also get vocals in most of these tracks, and a great variation of different music influences, such as ethnic vibes, nature sounds, jazzy vibes and even some blues with mouth organ in track 3. The vocals are done by several people, but mostly Natasha Chamberlain, who also sings in a lot of Angel Tears tracks. There are also several other interesting collaborations here, such as with the famous musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and the famous world music singer Irina Mikhailova. In general, we get mostly dubby beats here, with a totally organic sound above it all. Nothing psychedelic, but for sure relaxing chill out music that should fit the taste of more than the usual electronic music listener.

This album goes the same direction as Angel Tears and the first Kaya Project album. Totally organic chill from beginning to end. This is the kind of chill you might find in some trendy cofee shop and cafés, as well as in the chill out areas at parties. If you are looking for some deep electronic ambient music, this might not be the right choice, but I am impressed by the variety we get here. Another good example of how great musical talent Seb Taylor is. Recommended.
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