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Third compilation out on Psytropic Records...

Psytropic Records based in Germany is here out with their third compilation. As usual, they focus on the melodic side of full on by artists from around the globe. This time it is compiled by a guy called Daniel Fly (Daniel Mücke).

Supra Sphere (Psytropic Records) 2005 (PTRCD003)

1. Genetic Spin – Chemical Principles
2. NOK – System Damage
3. Cosmic Tone – Liquid Dwarf
4. Intersys – SychoActive
5. Psynina – Cosmic Indian
6. Mexican Trance Mafia – We Let You Know
7. Mahamudra – 4th Dimension
8. Smuhg – Virus
9. Sidhartha – Whispers
10. System Nipel – Unlimited

On this compilation we get quite a lot of variation, which is a positive thing. Genetic Spin opens the compilation with a track going somewhere between progressive and melodic full on. They have definately changed style lately, and gone more melodic since their Creamcrop days. Another artists who is known for this melodic morning style is Israeli Cosmic Tone, here with another of his typical drifting melodic tracks. We get a mix of some pretty well known names here, but also some quite fresh names, such as Nok from Germany and Mahamudra from Israel. This compilation goes sort of progressive the first three tracks, before Intersys from Israel takes over with a more full on sound. Here we get a pretty fluffy vibe, maybe too much for some, but in my ears it sounds a bit different and interesting. PsyNina from germany follows up with a pumping, full on, groovy track which goes slightly darker. Not bad. Nice to see that they have collected tracks from many different countries, such as Mexico (Mexican Trance Mafia and Smuhg). The Mexican Trance Mafia has released several tracks on some respected labels such as Solstice Music and Maia lately, here with a groovy, rolling track with a beautiful, quite hypnotic melody. At the end here we get tracks from a couple of more experienced producers, Sidhartha from Portugal, who also has mastered this compilation, here with one of the most groovy, massive tracks on this compilation. System Nipel from Israel finishes it all, going back to a lighter, melodic vibe again. Pretty fluffy, but not too much, with an atmospheric, happy vibe.

This compilation builds up in a nice way, with progressive vibes on the first three tracks, building up to more and more full on, and ending with a melodic, floating track. Psytropic Records has mananged to collect a selection of tracks with quite a lot variation, which is nice for a change within this kind of trance. Some of these tracks might sound a little bit too fluffy for some, but there should be something for several different tastes here.

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