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Debut album by Inner Action out on Procyon Records...

Procyon Records based in Budapest, Hungary, keeps pushing out full on psytrance, mostly of the melodic kind, but in a night time way. Here with their third release which is the first artist album on this label. A duo called Inner Action (Roy Engel & Nico Shahaf) from Barcelona, Spain. They have previously released several tracks on various compilations, on labels such as Neurobiotic, Pukka Music, 3D Vision and Mind Control. Here they are finally out with their debut album.

Inner Action “Liquid Hologram” Procyon Records 2005 (PROCYCD003)

1. Liquid Hologram
2. Inside
3. Crazy Sequence
4. The Future Is Now
5. Private Party
6. Electronic Shadow
7. Blast
8. The Vision
9. Silver Stone

Here is something for those of you who want something fast, intense and totally full on. This is not the usual darkpsy style, still definitely something for the night. Quite melodic, but in a rough way. Far away from cheese or any clubby influences like we get on a lot of full on releases these days. Here we get the style you will find on labels such as 3D Vision. Massive tracks with full on power from beginning to end. Some of these tracks have a lot of “take offs”, just like GMS usually deliver. Track 5 is made together with another 3D Vision artist, Central Processing Unit (Samy Guediche). Still, this track goes the same direction. My favourite track on this compilation is track 7 (Blast), which has a pretty hypnotic melody that should fit perfect on the dance floors worldwide in the late hours. Also the last track on the album is pretty nice. I missed some more variation between the tracks, because here you get the same full on style in all the tracks.

The debut album by Inner Action is something for those of you who like the full on style you find on 3D Vision. Nine powerfull tracks that will for sure work on the full on dancefloors, luckily without too fluffy ingredients. Not too many new ideas here, but nice to see some psytrance coming out of Spain.

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