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Fourth tech trance compilation out on Horns & Hoofs in Russia...

Horns & Hoofs based in Moscow, Russia, focus on a fusion between psytrance and techno. Not many psytrance labels has as tecky sound as this label. Now they are out with their fourth compilation, this time compiled by Epi Centrum (Jerzy Przezdzieski) from Warsaw, Poland. He is also known for being a member of the Polish psytrance group called Bigwigs.

Idea FX (Horns & Hoofs) 2005 (H&H004)

1. Epi Centrum – Noise Exodus (Kino Oko Rmx)
2. Kai Frogz – Wotau
3. Fuzzion – E=MC (Epi Centrum Rmx)
4. Weird Walker – Layer-1
5. Fuzzion – Launcher
6. 3 Lay Airs – B.M.W. (Benicassim-Moscow-Warsaw)
7. Metalogic – Forcefield
8. Bigwigs – Vibraphone (Fuzzion 2005 Rmx)
9. Worm Food – The Shakes
10. Epi Centrum – Drapacz Chmur
11. Mass Turbo – Archival
12. Triple Distilled – Expertiza (Epi Centrum Rmx)

A lot of psytrance being released these days sounds very much equal to eachother. Then it’s refreshing with some tecky stuff like this. Jerzy has picked out a nice selection of tracks, with a tecky theme in all of them. We get several new artists, but also a lot of experienced producers, such as Fuzzion, Metalogic, Kino Oko and Triple Distilled. A lot of the tracks has that rough, sort of cold techno vibe, but there is also light in the dark. I love when we work our way through rough soundscapes, but visit some atmospheric, floating vibes on the way. Favourites on this compilation with this kind of vibe is track 4 by Weird Walker and track 7 by Metalogic. We get a nice variation all the way, with pumping techno vibes in some tracks, some tech-house influences in some and more trippy, twisted vibes in others. At the end we also get a rough, but chilled track.

Horns & Hoofs deliver a pretty good compilation here. I like the way they try out new ideas in psychedelic music, and the variation we get all the way through here is nice. Some of it becomes a bit too ”cold” for me, but I really appreciated most of these tracks. Especially those that brings in those magic moments of atmospheric vibes now and then.

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