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Second album from Xerox & Illumination on Hommega Productions..

Moshe Keinan (Xerox) and Amir Dvir (Illumination), two Israeli trance artists, are both well experienced pioneers in the psytrance scene. Both have been involved in many different projects, Moshe mostly using his Xerox name and Maskalin, and Amir as Luminus. In 2004 they released their first Xerox & Illumination album together called Temporary Insanity. Here they are with their second album, this time going a slightly different direction.

Xerox & Illumination "XI" Hommega Productions 2005 (HMCD44)

1. Night Shift (Remix)
2. Ghost In The Machine
3. Battleship
4. Paranoia
5. Soul Control
6. Funkenstein
7. Assimilation Of Reality
8. Oranda (Final Remix)
9. Bottom Line
10. 7 Days (Etnica Rmx)

As always, these guys deliveres some really massive stumpers for the full on dance floors worldwide. Their production skills are high, which shines through more on this album than their previous one. Groovy, heavy tracks, here going darker and a little bit more experimental and new directions. Some of the tracks stays in the usual uplifting morning trance area, without falling into the too fluffy side. But, in general, this album has a darker vibe, which should fit better late in the night. A couple of tracks even gives me some of that X-Dream feeling. Offcourse far away from X-Dream, but some of that same dark vibes, especially in track 5 (Soul Control). The biggest surprise on this album is track 6 (Funkenstein), which isnít trance at all, but some kind of industrial big beat track. Very different and quite funny, refreshing break between all the full on. At the end here we get an Etnica remix of the 7 Days track, which has been played on most full on floors worldwide the last couple of years. I donít think we needed another version of this track, and Etnica doesnít really impress me much anymore.

Quite solid album from Xerox & Illumination here. For sure better than their previous album and a little bit more variation. Still, I would like them to use a little bit more creativity sometimes. One of the better full on albums released in Israel lately.

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