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New chapter in the Life Is series on BNE...

BNE/YoYo is one of the biggest, leading, long lasting psytrance labels in Israel. They mostly release full on psytrance, but has also come up with a few chill out compilations, including their Life Is series. Now the third chapter in this series is out. As usual, it is a mixed compilation, featuring some of the most known psy artists from Israel, here giving us chilled vibes for a change.

Life Is…Dimensions (BNE) 2005 (YOYO068)

1. Violet Vision – Heaven Underground
2. Space Cat & Oforia – Breath
3. J.Viewz – Mattie & Kyra
4. Fatali – Whisper
5. Oforia – Private Moon
6. Angel Tears – Sundream
7. Basic – Facing Sun
8. Echotek – My Life
9. Great Leap Forward – Steer
10. Timelock – Twin Moons
11. Bwicked – Here I Am
12. Quantum – Eternal Source

The artists you find on this compilation are all great producers, so it’s nice to see that the full on artists use their creativity on something else for a change. Experimental artists, such as Violet Vision/J.Viewz never seem to fail. Loungy, chilled music that could fit well in a café as well as in the chill out area. Angel Tears keeps impressing me with their own unique style. The biggest surprise for me on this compilation is the track made by Oforia (Ofer Dikovsky). Here he gives us one of his best tracks ever, with reggaedub influences mixed with nice psychedelic melodies and bouncy sounds. Definitely my favourite track on this compilation. Another huge track on this compilation is the track made by Great Leap Forward (Marius Katz), who seems to be pushing out masterpiece after masterpiece to the chill out market. This guy released a trance album (Cinkofa) on Flying Rhino in 2001, an album that didn’t impress very many, but all his chill out works has been outstanding. The track we get here is really deep, with interesting use of vocals and psychedelic floating vibes.

This compilation is another quality product in this series. Not better than the first chapter, but better than the second one. Nice selection of lounge/café chill, dub and deeper stuff. Recommended!

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