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Review by PKS
Fourth chapter of Zoo-B out on USTA...

USTA has suddenly become an extremly productive label lately, releasing several compilations almost each month. Zoo-B, the label manager has compiled most of the releases on this label, including the so called Zoo-B series. Now he is out with the fouth chapter, featuring mostly melodic full on.

Zoo-B 4 (USTA) 2005 (USTA3506-2)

1. Nok – Afmuse
2. Optokoppler – Dance
3. Magical Sex – Venus
4. Enzio – Inside The House
5. Genetic Spin – Cat Vs Pigeon
6. Narkotix – Magic Power
7. Miditec – Dance 2 The Beat
8. System Nipel – Radiance (Psytekk Rmx)
9. Magoon – Mystery Of Time

One thing I don’t understand here is all the guns on the cover art… On this compilation we get mostly typical Israeli full on. Melodic tracks, quite easy digestible and not many new, interesting ideas. We also get some progressive vibes here, which is nice for a change. The biggest surprise is to see Genetic Spin on this compilation, giving us a quite dark progressive track. One of the best tracks on this compilations for sure. Most of the other tracks we get here is by mostly fresh, young artists. Nice to see some new, young artists getting their music released, but the quality of it is another discussion…
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