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Phonokol gives us more psytisfaction...

Phonokol in Israel is out with the third chapter in their Psytisfaction series, where they seem to sell on sex in some way, with quite twisted, kinky cover arts etc. What we get inside, doesn’t have much to do with sex though. Pure full on from beginning to end, from mostly well known acts in the Phonokol family.

Psytisfaction 3 (Phonokol) 2005 (2348-3)

1. Sub6 – Program Files (Hypersonic Rmx)
2. Yahel – Nushka
3. Melicia – Dancing Up (DNA Rmx)
4. Aniki – 3 DMT
5. Dynamic – Proto Chips
6. Trinitix Vs. Cycle Sphere – Feel The Music
7. Solar Plexus – Ultra Tbmizer
8. Gataka – Night Becomes Day
9. DNA – Subatomic
10. Mindelight – El Guacalosa
11. E-Jekt – Multi People

As you can see on the track list, there are not many newcomers here, except for a couple. And the usual suspects give us their usual style. Full on, with very clubby vibes, take offs, tons of vocal samples and the guitar trance riffs that has become so popular in this kind of full on lately. The tracks are massive produced all the way, but I really wish there was some more creativity. It seems like they are not producing from an artistic point of view, but has spit out these tracks for the masses. Hits for kids maybe? At least it seems like it sells… Too bad, because I know that a big, long living trance label such as Phonokol can do better than this.

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