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Phonokol is out with a new chapter in their Most Wanted series...

Phonkol in Israel and TIP.World in the UK is working closer and closer, which has resulted in almost only Israeli artists on the TIP.World compilations. Raja Ram who is behind the TIP.World label is one of the real veterans in this scene. He has gone from some of the best trance and deep chill ever released, to become a very mainstream full on artist. Actually some kind of Tiesto figure in the psytrance scene. Phonokol is now out with another chapter in their Most Wanted series, featuring Raja Ram, here called The Godfather… On the cover art, we get Raja Ram jumping in his underwear, which should probably give a little warning of what we get inside…

Most Wanted Pres. Raja Ram – The Godfather (Phonokol) 2005 (2345-2)

1. Raj & Lucas – Introduction
2. Brad Sucks – Boder Line (Psy Craft Remix)
3. Psycho Tronic Love Commando & Chicago – F.R.E.A.K. O.U.T.!
4. Gatala – Blast From The Past
5. Xerox & Passenger – Science Is God (Ultravoice Remix)
6. Astrix & Delirious – Day Dream (Delirious Remix)
7. Astrix – Oranda XI (Xerox & Illumination Remix)
8. X-Noize – Anjuna Beach
9. Astrix Feat. Michele Adamson – Closer To Haeven
10. Sesto Sento – Follow Me (Remix)
11. E-Jekt – High Robot
12. Melicia – Come And Get Me
13. DNA – Final Fantasy
14. Hypersonic – The Beginning Of A Story
15. Alien Project & Raj – Groovy
16. Dali – Colors Band (Astrix Remix)
17. Sub6 Feat. MC Jah-Natan – The Clash
18. Astral Projection – Open Society
19. Gataka – How To Create A Monster
20. Mindelight – La Granga

You might think that this compilation is mixed by Raja Ram himself, but no. It is mixed by Lucas, who used to be a Flying Rhino dj, playing quite deep, trippy trance back in the days. Now he has become a full on dj for TIP.World, playing music more and more close to pop trance. On this compilation, you find most of the well known Israeli full on artists, such as Alien Project, Astric, Sub6, Gataka, Melicia etc. Full on from beginning to end. Personally I find most of it very easy digestible and way too clubby. The vibe I get from this music reminds me more of commercial euro trance raves I have been to, than any psychedelic party. I completly understand that a lot of people (the masses) will fall for this, but I think that most people who has been in this scene for some time, will not find themselves liking this. Cheap guitar riffs, vocals, cheesy take offs and melodies. Maybe a good tool for getting kids interested in trance, and hopefully they will dig for something deeper after a while.

This compilation shows pretty good how commercial the full on scene has become lately. Here we get a lot of hits from the Phonokol label. A compilation for newcomers to the scene, or those who just want to have a great laugh to some easy digestible full on. And to Raja Ram, please come back! Why not gather the great Infinity Project or something again..? At the same time, I’m sure he has a lot of fun these days…

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