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Melodic full on compilation from Utopia Records...

Utopia Records is out with their fourth release this year. They follow the modern, uplifting side of trance. It is a compilation compiled by Ananda Shake, who plays as a dj on a lot of parties in Israel these days, but also produces music, including an album (Emotion In Motion) on Utopia Records earlier this year.

Re-Start (Utopia Records) 2005 (UTPCD11)

1. Bizzare Contact Freedom
2. Phanatic Restart
3. Passenger Tranceforum
4. Vibe Tribe Liberation
5. Freaked Freaquency Our Way To Paradise
6. Ananda Shake Fashion Tu
7. Elec3 Stigma
8. Deedrah Self Oscillation (Ananda Shake Rmx)
9. Alternative Control Have Mercy

Uplifting trance is the right word to use for the style we get on this label these days. Here we get very typical Israeli full on from beginning to end, done by mostly quite fresh artists. But, we also get a couple of veterans here, including one of the biggest surprises in a long time, a new track by Passenger (Guy Zukrel) who is a pioneer in the Israeli trance scene. He was one half of the super duo called MFG. Passenger is his solo project, and the last I heard from this project was the album called For All Man Kind released in 1999 on Phonokol. So, how does this artist sound today? Actually not even a tiny bit different from all the other Israeli full on artists these days! So, I have to admit that it is a quite big dissappointment. Another interesting sight on this track list is a remix of the classic Self Oscillation track by Deedrah. Well, I totally prefer the original, instead of this clubby version, but it might fit better into the modern full on sets that the djs play these days.

Psychedelic trance can hardly become any more clubby than this. This is for sure the style the masses wants these days, especially in Israel. For me, most of it sounds pretty dull compared to psytrance made a few years ago, but if you are into uplifting melodies and easy digestible soundpictures, you might find this interesting.

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