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Review by PKS
Agitato Records in Israel releases another full on compilation...

Agitato Records in Israel is a procuctive label for sure, releasing several full on compilations each year. Now they are out the second chapter in their Homemade series, featuring the usual suspects of artists on their label.

Homemade Vol. 2 (Agitato Records) 2005 (AGE1043)

1. Toasted – The Creator
2. Sandman – Phaze Off (Xerox & Illumination Rmx)¨
3. Space Monkey – In The Dark
4. Point – Daily Conclusions
5. Opium Of The Masses – Double Trouble
6. Beat Hackers – Zero Distortium
7. Bio-Tonic – Psy Friends (Black Series Part 4)
8. Cyber Cartel – The Web Masters
9. Trauma – Ping Pong

Israel has had their own way of doing trance all the way from the beginning, and it is commonly seen that a lot of the Israeli artists make it very equal to eachother. These days, the more clubby side of full on has become really huge in Israel, and that’s what we get on this compilation too. More vocals and guitar influences in most tracks. Some kind of trend that is here for full now, but the way the market is being overflooded by it these days, we will see how long it lasts. Easier digestible music that might get more people interested, but might dissappear as soon as it arrived. It seems like the psychedelic side of it isn’t as important anymore, which makes this music more suitable for clubs and raves. Here we get all the usual names, like Space Monkey, Trauma, Point, and Xerox & Illumination. Surprisingly there is a track by Sandman here, but this is a full on remix. Space Monkey, who released a very strong album (Psychotic Episode) on Agitato last year, has also gone further away from his deep sound with the track he gives us here. Still, it’s one of the best tracks on this compilation in my opinion.

If you are into the modern clubby Israeli full on, you should probably check this one out, because the artists on this one is not only the fresh copy paste kids we find on tons of compilations these days. Massive sound, but not as deep as I would like it. Doesn’t work too well for my home listening, but might fit in a crowded club with many smiles.
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