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Tribal Vision Records are out with their third compilation...

Tribal Vision Records is a progressive trance label based in the Czech Republic. A very productive label for sure, that has released three compilations in less than one year! And looking at their schedule, there are still a lot to look forward to within this year. It is compiled by Slater and Schwa.

Inner Circle (Tribal Vision Records) 2005 (TVRCD003)

1. Intro by Mladen Glavinic
2. Beat Bizarre – Corrosive Juices (Shaman Remix)
3. Pots – Pole Position Club
4. Parrket – Science In My Mind
5. Kalimax – Demons
6. Prosect – Sonified
7. Nasa – Sloppy Noodle
8. Human Blue – Screwdriver
9. Etnoscope – Fast Licking
10. Tegma – No Time

I like the way this label gives us various styles within progressive trance. Here we get techy progressive, electro influenced progressive and more trippy progressive. As we can see on the the cool cover art of this CD, it takes a bit darker direction than the previous two compilations. As usual, they have mostly really big, good names from the progressive scene here, like Human Blue, Parrket, Etnoscope and Tegma, but also some of their newcomers who has come up with some fresh, nice tracks lately, such as Prosect and Kalimax. Sweden has put themself on top of the progressive map many years ago, and are strongly represented here too. Actually half of the compilation is made by Swedish artists! There should be something for several different tastes here. Personally I have many favourites. The one I like the most is the great hypnotic Parrket track, which is one of the coolest tracks I have heard this year. Also very nice is the trippy, floating Kalimax track, which should create a massive vibe on the dance floors wordwide

Tribal Vision Records has definately become one of the best progressive trance labels out there. It’s also nice to see a label that give us something more for a change. Here we get a nice booklet wit a lot of interesting reading about the artists, and funny graphics mixed with pictures. Recommended for those of you who are looking for some new, fresh progressive music!

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