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Michele Adamson finally releases her album...!

Michele Adamson is probably most known for her vocals in Shpongle. But, she has also been collaborating with many other artists, including Infected Mushroom, J.Viewz, Sub6 and Doof, just to name a few. She has now finally collected some of her songs on an album, including several new ones never released before. Surprisingly, it is released on the Israeli full on label Agitato Records, but on this album, we only get chilled tracks in various styles and tempo.

Michele Adamson "Fallen Angel" Agitato Records 2005 (AGE1042)

1. Gouchin Out
2. Bouncing Ball
3. Tricky
4. Move In
5. Stranded
6. Phantom Clarity
7. Bass Jungle
8. Seventh Son
9. Weird
10. Feel Free
11. Flutterby
12. Fortean
13. Stuck On You
14. I See Myself

Michele has an incredible voice that is very easy to recognise. Usually I find too much vocals in chill out music easily nagging, but her voice doesnít disturb in any way. She has obviously been lucky to meet some of the best producers of chill out and psychedelic trance out there, which has resulted in some great collaborations. A couple of the tracks I find most interesting on this album is the two tracks she has done together with Doof (Nick Barber), which I donít think are ever released before. Several of the tracks are made together with J.Viewz, which is Jonathan Dagan from Israel, one half of the Violet Vision duo. Violet Vision is also involved in a couple of tracks here. There are also other Israelis involved here, like the full on duo Beat Hackers. At the end, we get an interesting remix of a classic on the Unusual Suspects compilation on Twisted, which Simon Posford did with Infected Mushroom, the "I see Myself" track by Fly Agaric.

This album is probably the album with most variety I have heard this year! And thatís what really makes this interesting. Here we get so many styles on one disc, ambient vibes, lounge chill, big beat, uptempo housey vibes, pop and much more. The artists involved also go a bit different direction from their usual stuff, probably with help from Michele and her beautiful voice. I really enjoyed this album from beginning to end. For sure one of the best albums that has been released on any psy label this year. A very fresh breath in a scene that really need something like this. Recommended!
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