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Review by Psytones
New chill label is out with their first compilation...

Ajana Records from gives us a brilliant compilation of peace, love and psychedelics. Mastered by Tim Schuldt him self, it is for sure that we are about to step in to a magical journey. A journey of splitting colours, and peace at mind.

A Magical Journey (Ajana Records) 2005 (AJACD001)

01. Capsula – World Of Information (07:43)
02. Ovnimoon – Jabarei (06:34)
03. Dejan – Error (06:48)
04. Derango – An Ancient Tale (07:41)
05. Terra Nine – Axiom (The Omm Squad In Dub Mix) (08:20)
06. Kukan Dub Lagan – Psychedelic Child (07:52)
07. Cell – Asian Morning (07:53)
08. Electrypnose – Perce Oreille (06:25)
09. Psyfactor – Realiens (07:40)
10. Capsula – Crown Ethers (08:44)

1. We start off this "Magical Journey" with samples from a beautiful speech by Terrence McKenna about the information in language, and the cosmos. We all love Terrence, so it's nice to get this as a intro to a chilled compilation. Capsula breaks in with a chilled down funky beat. It's a playful beat, with pleasant trippy sounds, and a melody which can be compared with the sun hitting your face. After a few minutes and Terrence’s second part of the speech, Capsula makes the track go a bit more Reggae like. This is truly a nice track with a big heart and a strong mind. I just cant wait to check out Capsula’s full album release in the future!

2. Ovnimoon's track on this compilation is a mystical one. He uses samples from a praying man, and some children who kick-starts the wonderful beat which leads into fresh but heavy feelings of bliss. The sounds are slow, but fast. Trippy and pleasant. It contains magical strings to magical sounds. This is more the track that lets the tripper think, and to just "be”. It’s simple, pure and I love it!

3. Dejan - Now this is another feeling. This is a brilliant track by Dejan from France, named "Error". This track has some of the best "dark" feelings on this compilation. It might just as well be used as a soundtrack for a dark "spy" game.

As you listen to it, it reviles you a feeling of walking down a dark and somewhat creepy hallway. It's all just so interesting and fascinating. Great track!

4. Derango. How can one not love the psychedelic masterpieces of Derango? This Swedish act has made some of the most trippiest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. And for me personally, this is the first chilled track I’ve heard of Derango. And I am not dissepointed, not at all! Derango gives us a magical and strange world. It's dark, but lightens up after a few minutes and shows us signs of beautiful sunlight in a dark Swedish forest. Beautiful work by Jens & Ola! Absolutely amazing!

5. Ah yes! This is spiritual. this is what the sleeve of the compilation indicates. The track begins in a spirit world, and glides in to a world of bliss, peace, love and harmony of childishness. A world where beauty is the ruler. A world where time stops, and where orgasms . .. hrmm… Well, it's a fantastic track! Listen and see how time stops around you. Terra Nine really knows how to make you fall deep inside his world of mysticism.

6. Now I do love and adore Kukan Dub Lagan's brilliant and cheerful debut album, “Life is nice”. It's been proven to me on many mushroom trips that their album is a masterpiece. But this track lacks something, or maybe it just has a wrong beat to pleasure my trip? Over a few listens it grows on me. It's not as their debut, but it's still kukan's sound 100%. Good track, but it doesn’t fit this compilations flow and beauty. Is it no more then a popular name filler?

7. Cell's debut album, Phonic Peace showed the world how good, spiritual and psychedelic chill should sound. On this compilation Alexandre give us a true "magical Journey" track. Woaw!! is the word spelled out of my mouth as the track builds up in the most beautiful way. And then, a soft, soft landing, and a pure psychedelic up rise to perfection. Lights are changing as if life it self is giving birth, and the child must be

8. Electrypnose. Now have you heard his debut mp3 album "Brain Stretching" released on ResonantEarth.com? …No? Go to the link and download some of it, because this man from where geniuses like Albert and others has emerged, is him self a true psychedelic music genius. If you don’t like crazy psychedelic trance tracks, you might not fancy his faster bpm releases. But this track is pure bliss people! And a perfect follow up after Cell's magical contribution. This is one of the most angelic and psychedelic track I’ve ever heard. Recommended!!

9. Wrong transition from Electrypnose's bliss of a track. But this is a beautiful track. Chaotic in it's innocent and amateurishness. ("This is a thought I had before I knew it was Psyfactors contribution.") Now I didn't love Psyfactor’s debut album, “Evil Inside”, but neither did I hate it. But I liked it as a pure dance floor filler album, nothing more. But this track is somewhat better, especially the atmosphere. But it's not completely psychedelic. There’s just to many "random” sound drops. It doesn’t impress me much. But I do love the beat work. I miss something... It’s kind of to stressing to be included on this release. And being a track after Electrypnose – Perce Oreille track. Well, it fades away in grey light.

10. Yes here we go! Psychedelic "noises". Oh, and what a nice, nice baseline! Capsula really covers the air with psychedelic elements on this "outro" track to a near perfect psy-chilled compilation. But the feeling of the track is somehow a tad wrong? Terrible ending to a great track, but great for DJ's who want to end a chilled session to start a fast bpm session.

I really enjoy owning this album. It's been in my CD-Player for many months. And it has helped me through trips, flips and hip’s =) .. My conclusion must be that it's a great chilled compilation with many fantastic psychedelic tracks. But I also feel that the sleeve picture gives me the wrong impression. Because it indicates that this is a eastern and spiritual compilation, which it's not. Except contributions like Cell and Terra Nine. The title of this album is "A Magical Journey", and I agree with all of my heart. It's a compilation with great tracks and over all a fantastic feeling. But I feel that the person who compiled this compilation, didn’t really do a great job. Some of the tracks are just wrong for this album. And the order of the tracks could be nicely rearranged to make it sound more like "one".

But, are you searching for a mind blowing, peaceful and very psychedelic compilation, I say go and order it at once. Because I’ve had many enjoyable moments with this compilation, and I'm sure you will too. Recommended!

Psytones (psytones@gmail.com)

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