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New full on album out on Phonokol...

Phonokol is out with a new full on album, this time by an artist called Aniki, which is the new project by Nissimyani (Yan Azulay) from Israel. Nissimyani has allready released two full on albums on Phonokol. For some reason there is a spelling misstake on the album title, or it is some kind of joke that I donít get...?

Aniki "Open Your Ear" Phonokol Ltd. 2005 (2344-2)

1. Out Of Depression
2. With Cautious
3. Encourage
4. Dead Rais
5. On Chemicals
6. Bali Bong
7. Vamos Ayahuasca
8. Alvarez
9. Ninty-Night
10. R-Boy

On this album you get full on from beginning to end. Very typical Israeli trance, with drifting melodies and massive bass lines. I find most of these tracks a little bit less fluffy than most Nissymiani tracks, which is a positive sign. Some of the melodies we get here also reminds me of some oldschool Israeli trance, but with a modern soundpicture, which is nice. Luckily we donít get much guitar trance here either, which there are way too much of in most full on releases these days. Pure morning trance, not dark and not too fluffy. Some of it sounds like full on we have heard a million times before, but Iím sure those of you out there who like the full on to be melodic, will appreciate some of these tracks. My favourite track here is track eight (Alvarez) and track 10 (R-Boy), which are bouncy, groovy tracks with some really nice sounds.

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