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Ambient album out on Avatar Records...

Ariane MacAvoy is one half of The Nommos together with Goa Gil. Together they make darkpsy trance for the night. She is also making music on her own as Nimba, where she combine electronic sounds with tribal instruments. Now she is surprisingly out with an album on Avatar Records.

Nimba "Elements" Avatar Records 2005 (AVA031)

1. Earth Beat
2. Water Life
3. Feed The Flame
4. Blown Away
5. Dream Space

This album is an ambient album all the way through. In all the tracks you get a lot of tribal drums. Especially African drums, mixed with floating electronic sounds. We also get a lot of earthy sounds, liker water etc. It reminds me a lot of some experimental World Music. In my opinion, this becomes a little bit flat and not very challenging ambient music. It might work live in some chill out area, but for home listening not. It is very relaxed and chilled, but anyway, I find this album a little bit boring, and I get a feeling that more could have been done here. A little bit surprising that Avatar Records releases something like this.

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