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Nano Records releases another compilation...

Nano Records keeps pushing out pretty high quality, full on psychedelic trance. Now they are out with a new compilation called Network. It is compiled by Regan Tacon, who is a respeced dj based in South Africa, and is one of the guys running Nano Records.

Network (Nano Records) 2005 (NANOOCD011)

1. Allaby – Uberstair
2. The Commercial Hippies – Dr Freakenstein
3. AMD – Big Dipper
4. Aphid Moon Vs. Laughing Buddha – Real Stuff
5. Headroom – Welcome To The Future
6. Manmademan – Hoax Trigger
7. Hydrophonic – Unbelievable
8. Scoofy – Coral
9. Polaris – Mental Master

First out is a new track by Allaby (Matthew Allaby) who has released just a few, but very strong tracks. He knows how to make it trippy, and that’s what we get here. A nice, totally drifting, trippy track. Just the way I like it! Nice start on the compilation. One of my favourite tracks on this compilation. Track 2 is by The Commercial Hippies (Anton Raubenheimer & Gareth Tacon). They give us a pretty dark, totally massive track. Good production and no fluffy ingredients. Nice one for the night! Track 3 is by AMD, which is an interesting collaboration between Jules Hamer (Aphid Moon) and Richard Trevor (Dickster). They give us a totally groovy, pumping track. Massive track that will for sure do well on the dance floor at night. Track 4 is another collaboration with Aphid Moon involved, here together with another pioneer, Laughing Buddha (Jeremy Van Kampen)! Here we get some mystic vibes and a rolling full on bassline. We get some crazy sounds in there, but I had expected a bit more from this team. Track 5 is by a new, fresh artist called Headroom (Adam Metcalfer) from South Africa, here with his first released track. He gives us some really twisted sounds and a totally stumping beat. This actually reminds me a lot of some early tracks by Double Dragon. He has also added a voice sample from a track by the famous hip hop group Run DMC, which I find a bit unnecessary. I love some of those sounds in there, but he should have cut out all those voice samples.

Track 6 is a new track by some other pioneers, Manmademan (Paul Baguley & Sonya Bailey). They like to do it different from other trance artists, which is a really good thing. Here they give us a really cool, pumping track with a very funky vibe! Some guitar sounds, but not of the annoying kind. Also some really cool sounds. One of my favourite tracks on this compilation, and quite surprising compared to their last album (Creation Myth) on Elektrik Orgasm Records. I get some kind of old school trance feeling by this track too. Psychedelic rock meets funky trance! Track 7 is a new track by Hydrophonic. Here we get thrown into modern, rolling, full on trance again. Massive sound and some mystic floating vibes. Pretty good track, but I find the melody and take offs way too clubby for my taste. I really enjoy some of those swirling sounds in there. Then we get a track by a new artist from Hungary called Scoofy (Peter Schoffhauzer). This one starts really strange. The intro sounds just like a track on Fax by Pete Namlook or Klaus Schulze. Pretty cool. Then the pumping drift takes us into a really cool hypnotic vibe. Really great, different track. One of the best full on tracks I have heard lately! My favourite track on this compilation. Let’s hope this guy continues with great tracks like this! The last track we get here is a new track by Polaris (Arnauld Stengel) from France. He gives us his usual style of rolling full on, here with a very melodic morning vibe. For me, this melody becomes a little bit too fluffy, but still one of the better Polaris tracks I have heard.

Nano Records deliveres another good quality full on compilation. As usual some really strong tracks. Nice to see that they try to do it a bit different and dig deeper for full on with a little bit more quality than most other full on being released these days.

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