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New full on album out on Phonokol...

Phonokol Ltd in Israel keeps pushing out full on trance. Now they are out with the debut album by E-Jekt (Uri Azene & Nir Shoshani). Both guys has been involved in the Israeli trance scene for a long time, including Hujaboy, which is one half of E-Jekt (Nir Shoshani).

E-Jekt "Dark Fader" Phonokol Ltd. 2005 (2342-2)

1. Diffusion
2. A2D2
3. Loop Skywalker
4. High Robot
5. Obi Wan Knob
6. Pan Solo
7. Korg Lucas
8. Mastering Yoda
9. See Trip Yo
10. Dark Fader

First out is a massive, rolling, typical Israeli full on track. Quite dark, floating melodies, which are okay, but also several take offs which I find a bit boring. Track 2 goes intense and full on too. Not much new influences here, just full on of the kind we have heard a lot the last couple of years. Massive soundpicture, but I miss some better melodies here, and the take offs are boring. Track 3 is another rolling monster. I like the melody in this one a little bit better, but some of it sounds a bit nagging. We also get some atmospheric breaks in there, which is nice. Track 4 is a groovy track with a quite deep, rolling bassline. It kicks off with a voice sample, before we get thrown into a pretty rough soundscape. This is actually a track they have made together with Power Source! But, it doesn’t sound like the melodic version of Power Source. More like typical full on we have heard a million times before.

Track 5 is a collaboration with PTX (Patrick Chen) who released an album on Bionics Records earlier this year. Here we get a jumpy vibe and not as nagging sounds as some of the other tracks here. One of the better tracks on this compilation in my ears. Track 6 has some really metallic sounds and some more psychedelic vibes. This track sounds okay, but some of these sounds is a bit too much used, and again, it sounds like tracks we have heard a million times before. Track 7 goes the same direction with a little bit more stumping vibe. Track 8 is a hammering track with some pretty rough sounds. Here we get less boring take offs, and things become a little bit better. Still not among the most interesting full on I have heard lately. Track 9 continues the quite rough, full on soundpicture with a totally massive, stumping bassline. This is my favourite track on this album. Better bassline and less boring, nagging sounds. Still a little bit too many boring take offs... The last track on this album goes a little bit different direction. A little bit slower, more pumping and less take offs.

This album goes standard, typical Israeli full on all the way. I miss some more variation between the tracks here. Some more new directions would also be nice. E-Jekt sure has a massive sound in their tracks, but many of these tracks sounds very much like too much other full on we have heard before.
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