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Avatar Records re-releases an old ambient album...

Avatar Records continues releasing albums in their Pro File series, where they re-release older classics, both ambient and trance. Now they are out with a little ambient classic done by a duo called Echo System (Garry Hughes & Nick Fisher) back in 1996. This album called Headland was released on Deviant Records. They havenít released much as Echo System after that, but have been doing a lot of other projects, including collaboration with several famous artists. Here you get the chance to hear the album, if you missed it in 1996...

Echo System "Headland" Avatar Records 2005 (AVA032)

1. Bosphoressence
2. Jahna (The Vast World)
3. Drum Fish
4. Shimmer
5. Hydrophonics
6. Mystic Ships
7. Chant 96 (The Dome Of Light)
8. Modulator
9. Ish

Here is an album for those of you who like spacey, beatless ambient music. The first track is a beautiful, floating track with some eastern, sort of tribal influences. Very mystic vibe all the way through. Beautiful track I can imagine would fit well listening to in a desert. Track 2 has some really interesting deep sounds. It almost reminds me a little bit of The Infinity Project. Totally relaxing, deep, floating, mystic ambient. Track 3 has a bit darker vibe and a totally deep down tempo beat. I also like the psychedelic melody in this one. Spacey and exciting ambient. Track 4 goes totally chilled. Here we are far away from any beats. Just, pure, mystic, floating ambient, still with a pretty massive sound, almost like an orchestra. This track reminds me a little bit of some Fax releases. While track 4 is a bit intense, track 5 is bringing you back in a totally relaxed mood. This one reminds me a lot of some tracks done by Ishq. Beautiful sounds, underwater vibes and dreamy soundscapes. A track that will make you sleep with a smile.

Track 6 gives us more melody. Here we get atmospheric sounds mixed with some kind of tribal vibes. This reminds me a little bit of some tracks made by Banco De Gaia a while back. Nice, kind of old school chill that still works well. Track 7 takes us to a beautiful spacey soundscape again. Pure, deep, floating soundscapes with quite melancholic vibes. Track 8 gives us some more melody. More experimental and a little bit harder to digest, but still a nice track. The last track on this album is a quite intense, playful track with a pretty happy melody. Not among my favourites on this album, but an okay, strange finish on the album.

The first version of this album is probably quite hard to find these days, so here you get the chance to grab a pretty good ambient classic. Some really nice tracks here. Some of them has a bit old school sound, but most of them still works well.

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