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New Sesto Sento album full of remixes by other artists out on Com.Pact Records...

Sesto Sento (Aviram Saharai, Itay Spector & Matan Kadosh) from Israel has released quite a lot of music lately, mainly on Com.Pact Records, including two albums. Now they are out with their third album, this time going another direction with remixes by other artists!

Sesto Sento ”Remixer” Com.Pact Records 2005 ( CPCD-IL024)

1. Follow Me (Sesto Sento Rmx)
2. Cookie Stealer (GMS Rmx)
3. Dive To Drive (Visual Contact Rmx)
4. Primi TB (Aquatica Rmx)
5. Omiakon (CPU Rmx)
6. Run On Green (Protoculture Rmx)
7. Teddy Enters Wonderland (Pop Stream Rmx)
8. Goadzilla (Apocalypse Rmx)
9. Getting Fused (Silicon Sound Rmx)

The first track is a track they have remixed themselves. I have never been a big fan of Sesto Sento and the track we get here sounds really bad in my ears. Totally clubby, commercial full on. Sort of club trance in a full on way. Track 2 is a remix done by GMS. GMS was on everybodys lips a couple of years ago, but they have stopped releasing that much lately. So how do they sound these days? Well, same, same. Clubby full on with take off every minute. Bad hard house in a full on way. Not my cup of tea... Track 3 is a remix done by Visual Contact, which is a collaboration between the Israeli full on artists Visual Paradox and Bizzare Contact. Here we get typical Israeli full on the way most of it sounds today. Clubby ingredients and massive full on sounds all the way. The melodies here are really simple and bad in my opinion. Nagging for some, heaven for others. Terrible for me. Track 4 is a remix done by Aquatica (Elad Asi). This one starts more interesting, with an experimental touch of breaks and a massive melody. Then we get thrown into the full on madness again, this time going a little bit deeper. Best track so far on the compilation. Track 5 is a remix done by Central Processing Unit (Samy Guediche) from Switzerland, who has released two albums on 3D Vision Records in France. His full on has something going, but in my ears it can often go a little bit over the top and become a bit nagging and repetive. Here he gives us something for the night. Crispy, pretty cool sounds and a very typical 3D Vision style.

Track 6 is a remix done by one of my favourite full on artists these days, Protoculture (Nate Raubenheimer). Here we get some nice floating vibes and a massive, drifting, trippy vibe. One of my favourite tracks on this album, but not among the best Protoculture tracks I have heard. Track 7 is a remix done by Pop Stream (Yinon Oved) who released an album (Into Orbit) on Phonokol last year. Here we get more typical Israeli full on. Massive bassline and jumpy sounds. Track 8 is a remix done by Apocalypse (Iaty Yona), another new school full on artist from Israel. More typical Israeli full on. Some nice crispy sounds in there, but the rest is a bit unchallenging. The last track we get on this album/compilation is a remix done by Silicon Sound (Johannes Regnier) from France, who is another one of my favourite full on artists these days. He knows how to make it atmospheric and trippy. This one is no exception. Nice and floating vibes and a very stumpy beat. Definately my favourite track on this album. I am for sure looking forward to hear more from this artist...

It’s nice to see that Com.Pact involves other artists in their projects, which makes things more exciting and interesting. On this album you get those typical Israeli full on club trance tracks, but also a couple of of tracks that dare to go a little bit deeper than the easy digestible full on that is raining out of Israel these days.

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