Inflamabil presents Killer Buds!

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Inflamabil party on the 12th of August in Oslo.

Inflamabil presenterer med stor glede:

live: Killer Buds (Ketuh Records, Brasil)

Andy Shiva (Shiva Space Technology, Lemurians)
Christer (Shiva Space Technology, Mechanik Records)

Fredag 12. august (fra kl 22:00)
Sikamikanico (Møllergata 2)
cc. 60 før 24 (80 etter 24)

Inflamabil slår på den store trommen denne gangen med Killer Buds live!!
Gruppen fra Brazil har jobbet seg raskt oppover i psyverdenen det siste året med en
drøss utgivelser på forskjellige plateselskap. Debutalbumet kom også tidligere
i år på Ketuh Records. Inflamabil er sinnsykt happy for å presentere Killer
Buds på den norske psyscenen. Her blir det psykedelisk fra øverste hylle.

NB!! Alle som vil på gjesteliste, må sende meg navn + etternavn til
Denne listen varer frem til kl. 24.00. Det er også
meget snille priser på Carlsberg øl mellom 20-23: 29 kr per flaske!!!

In 2003, after studying, listening, composing and acquiring last generation
equipment, Enzio, Tarcisio and Cochi decided they could do more. That is how
Killer Buds was born. A project marked by frenetic tracks, full of high kicks,
noisy synth lines and urging high bass lines, a serious and speed up full on.
The idea is less experimental comparing to Insect Seeker, here the primordial
is in fact: exhilarate the crowd.

Killer Buds is a project that seeks highest quality in its tracks, whether it's
in the music or in the use of last generation equipment. Melodic and aggressive
sonority are marking characteristics that go way past the go way past the
traditional line presenting different rhythms and grooves, without loosing the
gender. Also shows irreverence on the use of blips, phrases and unlike sounds,
being in some way abortive.

--- K.B. - The Trio ---
Enzio - Producer and DJ from Sao Paulo. Combines different experiences in music;
fascinated by all styles. In 1994 he started studying music passing through some
hard core and rock bands in which he played drums, bass and guitar. After
spending some time in Europe, he met electronic music, and started listening to
Drum-n-Bass and House. By that time, he started acquiring knowledge in psy
trance. He liked what he heard and started creating, originating the project
242 OZ. With that project, he started playing in known clubs such as Anzu
(Itu), Usina Royal (Campinas) presenting himself as a DJ and including tracks
of his own production in his sets. In 2001 gets together with his friends
(Tarcicio and Marcelo) and they form the project InsectSeeker. In 2003 after
acquiring maturity in production, they create a new project with less
experimental and more serious line. Killer Buds was born, a project with
serious and accelerated full on line.

Tarcisio - Producer: 22 years of intense musical involvement. At 13 he started
playing the guitar, dedicated to alternative rock and heavy metal. After
traveling to Australia in 1998, Tarcisio changed his vision, and valued open
air parties which gave importance to the music's quality and nature. His search
for production was natural. In 2002, he started his solo project called Natural
Noisy Maker. Later on, in partnership with Cochi, they created Inconsequent

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