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Review by PKS
Second compilation out on Moonstone Records in Israel...

Moonstone Records in Israel released their first compilation earlier this year. Now, they are out with their second compilation called Vox Draconis. Also this time compiled by the label manager DJ F-Rat. The tracks are slightly mixed together.

Vox Draconis (Moonstone Records) 2005 (MSCD-IL002)

1. Blackout Lemon Strike
2. Nasa Ultrasved (Rmx)
3. Sesto Sento Sentomental (BLT Rmx)
4. Dooper Doopler Survival
5. Freakulizer Identity
6. Hoogshagenii I Want It Now
7. Jeremy First Steps
8. Mahamudra Eve
9. Paradigma Progspacive

Blackout (Elad Oahana & Oren Azulay) starts the compilation with a pumping morning track. Quite groovy, with some jumpy sounds and floating vibes. Not too fluffy melodies either. Track 2 is by Nasa (Mikkel Rasmussen) who has released compilation tracks on many different labels lately. Here we get a quite progressive, stumping track. Pretty nice, with jumpy sounds and a nice melody. Track 3 is a track originally made by Sesto Sento (Aviram Saharay, Itay Spector & Matan), but here we get a remix done by BLT (Yuli Fershtat), who has a nice reputation in the progressive scene these days. Here we get some really nice psychedelic sounds and a pumping beat. Rolling, progressive vibes. Track 4 is a new track by Dooper Doopler (Nave Ilia). Here we get thrown into a melodic, floating sound picture. Rolling full on, with echoing sounds and samples, but not among my favourites on this compilation. Track 5 is by Freakulizer (Simon Schwendener), also known as Thujon. This one goes a little bit darker, with a massive bassline and floating vibes, but the melody in this one is a little bit simple.

Track 6 is by a fresh new artist called Hoogshagenii (Marcel Kung). This goes a little bit darker too, and I really like some of the sounds in this one. Rolling trance for the night. One of my favourite tracks on this compilation. Track 7 is also by a quite fresh artist called Jeremy (Jeremy Refson). He brings us over in a more clubby side of full on. Totally massive, rolling bass line, but the melody here is really simple. Track 8 is by an Israeli group called Mahamudra (Ran Malka, Eyal Cohen & Sagiv Ben-Giat). They give us some mystic, almost scary vibes and a pumping beat. But, this track is way too clubby for my taste. The last track we get served on this compilation is by another fresh, new project called Paradigma (Tony Levi & Rafi Maharpur). They give us a quite clubby track too, with a very simple melody, but some nice sounds.

Again we get some typical Israli full on trance, but this time they have added a progressive touch on the first tracks, which is nice.
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