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Review by PKS
New compilation out on Com.Pact Records, this time compiled by Ultravoice...

Com.Pact Records in Israel pushes out a lot of compilations these days. Now they are out with a new one called High Way, this time compiled by Ultravoice (Avi Levi) who has previously released two albums on Com.Pact Records... I have to say that the cover art this time looks pretty stupid...

High Way (Com.Pact Records) 2005 (CPCDIL023)

1. Illumination Vs. Ultravoice – Imagination
2. Tactic Mind – Computer Music
3. Ferbi Boys Vs. Gilix – Total Loss
4. Bizzare Contact Vs. Nameless – Massive Aggressive
5. PTX – Follow Up
6. Aquatica – Empire
7. Mahamudra Vs. Kyo Log – Hypnotic
8. Quantum – Tight Flight
9. Silent Hill – That’s Too Much

First out is a new collaboration between Ultavoice himself and Illumination (Amir Dvir). They give us a floating, melodic morning track. Very typical Israeli full on, but not too fluffy. Track 2 is another new collaboration, here between Ultravoice and Leon Gossler known as Kyo-Log. This is a stumpy track with a more clubby vibe, with some voice samples and a little bit of electro influences. Track 3 is a collaboration between Ferbi Boys (Aviram Sharai & Itai Spector) and a fresh new artist called Gilix (Gilad Aharon). They give us a massive full on track, with quite intense drift and some rough melodies. Fits probably better for the night than most other tracks on this compilation. Track 4 is also a collaboration, here between Bizzare Contact (Didi Ezra) and a quite fresh new artist called Nameless (Oren Azulay). This is a melodic full on track. Not much surprises here, just typical Israeli full on. But, I like the melody half way through, which is quite intense and trippy. Track 5 is a new track by PTX (Patrick Chen) who released his debut album (Participate In The X-Periment) on Bionics Records earlier this year. Here we get another pumping full on track that goes a little bit darker again. I miss some more creativity with the melody in this one.

Track 6 is by another fresh Israeli full on artist called Aquatica (Elad Asy), who has released tracks on many different compilations lately. Here we get thrown into a very melodic vibe again. We get a melody that reminds me a little bit of some old tracks by Astral Projection, but this track goes much more clubby, with a quite fluffy vibe. Track 7 is a new collaboration between Kyo-Log and a fresh new duo called Mahamudra (Ran Malka & Eyal Cohen). A stumpy track with some pretty cool sounds, but it doesn’t really stand out. Track 8 is by a more experienced artist called Quantum (Gidi Snapir), who has released an album (Outrage) on BNE in 2004. He gives us my favourite track on this compilation. A massive, rolling track with quite dark soundpicture and some really jumpy sounds. We also get some nice melodic vibes here, which doesn’t become too fluffy. Nice, trippy track. The last track on this compilation is by a new project called Silent Hill (Lior Kopeikin & Eli Pinto). This one has a pretty interesting sound. Very stumpy track with a nice, trippy melody above. We also get a beautiful break with some nice guitar (not the annoying kind). Definately one of my favourite tracks on this compilation.

This compilation is one of the better full on compilations Com.Pact has release lately. This doesn’t sound as clubby as some of their previous releases. Not much surprises here, and very typical Israeli full, but pretty nice choice of tracks.
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