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Review by PKS
Second album by Aphid Moon out on Nano Records...

Aphid Moon (Jules Hamer) from the UK is out with his second album, this time on Nano Records. His first album (High Diver) was released on Dragonfly Records in 2003.

Aphid Moon "Global Culture" Nano Records 2005 (NANOOCD010)

1. Landed
2. Nu Groove
3. Global Culture
4. K-9
5. Human Race
6. He Who Survives
7. Rock Star
8. Axle
9. Total Psy

The first track here is my favourite track on this album. It starts floating, berfore a rolling, heavy, full on beat hits in. Quite dark, trippy track with a massive soundpicture. Drifting track that for sure will be played a lot this summer. I really like some the sounds in this one too. Track 2 sound more rough. Fast, rolling full on with a bit more nagging sounds. This track fits probably best at night, but I get a little hard house feeling from a couple of the sounds and the melody in there. Track 3 has the album title. This one is really pumping, continueing a quite dark soundpicture. This track sounds different from most other full on being released these days, so itís quite refreshing. Sort of techno beats with floating trippy vibes above. The melody here is pretty simple, and I get some of that hard house feeling here too. Track 4 is an intense track with some indian voice samples. Drifting track that will create a lot of fun on the dance floors. One of my favourite tracks on this album. Might be something for the morning.

Track 5 goes a slightly different direction. Here we get some more clubby influences, with some pretty annoying vocals. Full on with vocals like this is not exactly my cup of tea... Track 6 is a really intense track that probably fits best at night. Here we get a crazy melody that reminds me a bit of old school goa trance, which is nice. Groovy track that sounds much better than most other full on being released these days. Track 7 is a pumping track that takes us into a really crazy, intense soundscape. I really like some of the sounds in this one. Sort of darkpsy, but more melodic. Sadly, some guitar sneaks in after a while and ruins the track for me. Iím a bit fed up of simple guitar like this in so many full on tracks these days. Track 8 is another drifting, trippy track, but quite different from the other ones on this album. I miss some more variation of sounds here. Parts of the track actually reminds me a bit of Logic Bomb! The last track on this album is a rolling track with some echoing melodies above. One of the most melodic tracks on this album, Not bad finish on the album.

In my opinion, this second album by Ahid Moon is much better and stronger than his first album on Dragonfly. Aphid Moon goes a slightly different direction than many other full on artists, but not always in a positive way. But, a couple of these tracks will for sure do well at full on dancefloors worldwide this summer.
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