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Review by PKS
Great debut album by Metalogic out on Boshke Beats...

Boshke Beats Records keeps pushing out quality releases within the tech trance scene. Now they are out with the debut album by Metalogic (Frederik Hatsav), who has released several tracks on Boshke Beats compilations + Cold Groove and Horns And Hoofs Records.

Metalogic "Magnetic Influence" Boshke Beats 2005 (BBCD005)

1. Intro
2. Ultraviolet Shock
3. Turn On
4. Magnetic Influence
5. The Catcher
6. Secretskipper
7. Broadband
8. Photon Flux
9. Expander
10. Irrational Impulse
11. Mastermind
12. Decadance
13. K.O.

First out is a little slow intro track lasting for about a minute. Sort of dark, mystic ambient. Nice start on the album. Track two starts nice and slow too, before a pumping techno beat sneaks in. Dark, mystic movie theme all the way through. Reminds me a lot of the style X-Dream had on their Irritant album, but this is not as massive. Nice pumping track. Track 3 is a really beautiful one. Totally deep, pumping, hypnotic tech trance, with some floating mystic vibes above. After a couple of minutes, it gets quite groovy too. You actually get a jazzy feeling from it! Nice work. Relaxing for homelistening and nice for the early evening dance floor. Track 4 is a really rough tech trance track. Very massive, scary and totally hypnotic. Something for the darkest hours in the night. A track that both, techno heads and trance freaks should appreciate. Track 5 is a drifting track with rough edges. You find mystic vibes also here. We also get some floating vibes that makes it very trippy. Track 6 is the most rough track on this album. Pure, rough, noisy industrial sounds and some kind of electro beats. Something for those who want it more experimental and industrial.

Track 7 takes us into a quite slow, smashing techno beat. This is definately best at night. Dark and rough all the way through, with a bit of scary industrial influences sneaking in. Those who likes techno, should definately check this out. Track 8 sounds really evil. Here we are moving further away from techno and into pumping trance vibes. Still a track that both techno djs and trance djs should be able to play. Hypnotic and trippy with a rough edge. Track 9 is a really pumping track. Still with a hypnotic vibe through the entire track, but I missed some more variation in this one. Track 10 takes us back to a very techy place again. But, here we also get some melodic influences, which sounds really great in between all the rough, dark vibes. Nice one. Track 11 is a very experimental chill out track. Totally dark ambient with evil soundscapes. At the end of this album we get a couple of bonus tracks... Track 12 starts after about a minute. Here we get a totally pumping track. Something that for sure will make some fun on a techno dance floor! The last track (bonus track) is one of the most rough techno tracks I have heard lately. Still very hypnotic and it will for sure do good for a techno audience, but might be too rough for the major trance crowd.

This is a really strong debut album by Metalogic! I really like it. You find so much variation in an album you thought would be minimal... Something for those who like it hypnotic, techy and rough!

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