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Hypersonic from Israel releases a pop trance CD single on Phonokol...

Hypersonic is Yoni Salah (24), who is considered to be the next trance ”star” from Israel. He is now out with a CD single with a track called Larger Than Life on Phonokol Ltd. He will also release his debut album called Freedom on Phonokol in May this year.

Hypersonic "Larger The Life" Phonokol ltd. 2005 (6016-2)

1. Larger Then Life (Original Version)
2. Larger Than Life (Acoustic Version)
3. The Beginning Of A Story

The first version we get here is the original. This is for sure pure commercial trance, with a lot of vocals that reminds me of some 80’s pop music or something. This might become a hit for kids in Israel, but personally I find it terrible. Pure pop trance with some shouting samples that reminds me of Scooter or something. The second version we get here is an acoustic version with some nice guitar. Here we really get a feeling of 80’s pop music. I actually find this version better than the trance version. We also get a bonus track here called The Beginning Of A Story. Here we also get a lot of guitar played by a pretty famous Israeli guitar player named Neti Waissman. This track goes very clubby too, with a very commercial, happy sound, but slightly better than the Larger Then Life track in my ears. It might become a mainstream hit in a young Israeli crowd, but for the the usual psytrancer, this probably gets way too fluffy.

This CD single fits probably good on some radio stations playing hits or in the the bag of a mainstream commercial dj, but doesn’t really fit the psytrance category.
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hypersonic is the bast!!! artist website
nati salach 02.12.2007 19:21

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