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New fluffy trance album by Yahel out on Phonokol...

Yahel (Yahel Sherman) from Israel is out with a new album on Phonokol, this time called Around The World. Inside the booklet of this CD, you can see pictures from parties around the world where Yahel has played live. Yahel is well known for following the more fluffy side of trance.

Yahel "Around The World" Phonokol 2005 (2331-2)

1. Around The World
2. Cosmos
3. Kamasutra
4. Automatic
5. Siam
6. Master Of Disaster
7. Liquid Love
8. Speed
9. World Of Dreams

Here comes a very short review this time, mainly because this is a kind of music that we actually donít review very much here at trance.net. This is not very psychedelic at all. Here we are talking about club trance, or socalled commercial euro trance. Uplifting, easy digestible melodies and cheap take offs through the entire album. I can understand that a lot of people in this world who just want to party, like this because they donít have to digest the music at all, but for most psytrance people, this album sounds way too cheesy. Music that for sure will hit a young crowd who goes to a commercial rave for the first time or something, but personally I canít stand it. With other words, this has actually not much to do with psytrance at all, except for a few ingredients. Hits for kids...
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