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Review by PKS
Pan Papason has compiled the new release from Harmonia Records...

Harmonia Records is a psytrance label based in Athens, Greece. They are now out with their fourth release, which is a compilation compiled by DJ Pan Papason based on Ibiza. Pan is also a member of the Etnicanet crew, and has played dj sets all over the world. Here he has seleceted nine tracks that he thinks fit well at ten in the morning...

Ibiza 10AM (Harmonia Records) 2005 (HRCD004)

1. Pleiadians – Asteroids
2. Ion – Everybody On The Floor
3. S>Range – Super Signal
4. Bio-Tonic – The Right Time
5. Overlap – Party All Day Long
6. P.A.N. – Pantastic Happiness
7. Orion – Electric Pulse
8. Jirah – Crystalline
9. Compressor – Shink

The first track on this compilation is a track many have talked about lately because it is a new track by Pleiadians! Some say that Pleiadians hasn’t released anything good since their last album Family Of Light in 1999, because two of the four members left the band at that time. And partly, they are right. The track we get here has a very groovy drift and some melodies, but it doesn’t even come near the standars of their old releases. But, it is actually better than a lot of other full on being released these days. Quite uplifting and nice to see that these guys do some melodies again, instead of the minimal stuff Etnica has pushed out several years now. Track 2 is by Ion (Giannis Geragelos) from Greece. He released his debut album (Ionized) on Harmonia Records earlier this year. Here he gives us a quite floating, full on melodic morning track. I like the floating vibes here, but this track sounds a lot like very much other full on these days. We also get some very cheesy vocals at the end here that ruins it for me. Track 3 is by S>Range (Anthony Sillfors) from Sweden. Nice to see this artist is back. He has previously released mostly progressive trance, but here he goes towards a more full on direction. A rolling, groovy track with uplifting melodies all the way through. Very clubby sound in my ears, and far away from the best works Anthony has done. Track 4 is by Bio-Tonic (Julien Lecoq, Jerome Lecoq & Julien Brizard) from France. They have released three albums on Solstice Music, and you rarely see them on other labels. They have gone a more and more clubby direction lately. Here we get a very melodic track with some vocals. Some parts sounds actually pretty cool.

Then we get a track from a fresh duo called Overlap (Misha Neogen & Slava Bogachev). Overlap has released tracks on several labels allready, such as ZMA, Starsound and Spliff Music. They give us a quite massive full on track, again with very uplifting melodies that might fit well at Ibiza clubs in the morning...? Track 6 is by Pan himself. This track sounds actually pretty good, with a very groovy, rolling bass line. But, I’m not impressed with the melody here, which sounds quite simple. Then we get a track by Orion (Jean Borelli) from Denmark. This is without doubt the best track on this compilation. He manages to make full on sound exciting, with deeper vibes and more psychedeli effects. Great track as always from this guy. For sure a track I would like to hear at a party... Track 8 is by Jirah (Tim McCall). He has released an album (Outer Access) on USTA in 2003, and several strong tracks on various other labels. Here he gives us another nice full on track, with much more creativity than most other full on artists. One of the best tracks on this compilation in my opinion. Pleasent for the morning hours. Rumours say that this guy has stopped making psytrance, so let’s enjoy his tracks while we can... The last track on this compilation. is by a new fresh duo called Compressor (James Engeland & Daniel Thomas) from the UK. The bass line in this one is really heavy. Sort of darkpsy drift, but with light sounds and melodies above. One of the best tracks on this compilation.

This compilation is definately better than a lot of other full on compilations being released these days. Still, we get some clubby influences here too, just like everywhere else these days. All compilations ever released with the name Ibiza in the title has had some cheese, so I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise here either...
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